Dinners, Drives & No Sleep

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ah the weekend. This weekend was busy, really busy. Friday night was a farewell dinner for one of my work colleagues, a sad occasion, we've worked together since I left uni and she's taught me pretty much everything I know about applied anthropology plus been a fabulous friend. 

Saturday Lulu & I ventured out to the Old Timer's Fete. There were so many people there, you couldn't really look at anything. We purchased three small cactuses and left fairly quickly. Saturday night was a friend's birthday. Lulu was looked after by her grandma & we had a night out on the town, well a night at Montes, the local bar/restaurant. 

Sunday Nick had another mountain bike downhill comp. Lulu and I went to a lovely brunch at Nick's Aunt's, then Lulu spent the afternoon refusing to sleep & being cranky because she needed to sleep. This cumulated in a long drive to get her to sleep & keep her asleep. She managed 30 mins sleep and refused to go to sleep in the evening too, finally crashing out at just after 9. Have you heard of the Wonder Weeks? Well, she's in the middle of a leap & it is giving her TROUBLE. 

Late nights & a slight hangover tend to bite you in the butt when you have a cranky baby & all you really want to do is crash out in front of the telly. 

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4. Musical stylings of Ted Egan and his beer carton drum 
3. The five seconds that Lulu was asleep Saturday afternoon
2. Montes - can you spot the Barbies in the light fitting?
1. Sunday afternoon drive


  1. I love the picture of your pram. Very cool.

    Oh man. I am sitting here, alone in our hotel room... well, alone except for a FINALLY sleeping Alice. We went to a nice and EARLY dinner here in Canmore but apparently Alice didn't get the memo and my husband and I spent the apps and wine portion of our meal switching off walking around outside with her as the second we sat down at the table she started to crank. Then I wolfed down my meal and walked back to the hotel while my husband and his brother finished theirs.

    And now she's asleep. At least I have this bottle of wine to keep me company. ; )

    From the witching hour to the wonder weeks... does the crankiness and fighting sleep ever end?! Glad I'm not alone.

    1. Oh my goodness, I know exactly how you feel. We spent a dinner switching off when we were in Adelaide. It felt like the longest dinner ever. Enjoy the wine.

  2. hangovers really aren't what they used to be now that babies are involved.


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