Teeth Trouble with a capital T

Sunday, August 26, 2012

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These two tiny teeth are Trouble, that's right trouble with a capital T. Friday night Lulu went to sleep at her normal time, stirred at about 9:45, then woke at 10:30 just as we were about to go to bed. We changed her, fed her & then she didn't go back to sleep. We gave her some teething gel (the special stuff from the Adelaide Children's Hospital), we rocked her, she spewed on her sleepy sack and just wouldn't go back to sleep. Agh. Nick did the first shift. I went to sleep for an hour, which turned into 3 & when I woke up she was STILL awake. She'd dozed in between but not proper sleep. Nick went to bed & I gave her some Panadol, changed her nappy, rocked her in my arms, fed her more food in the rocking chair & she finally fell asleep at about 3:45, listening to her favourite album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips. I put her in the cot, she didn't stir & then I want back to bed in our room. The night before she'd slept fine in her own room & normally if she wakes in the night, she'll go back to sleep in our bed without too much trouble & without a nappy change & food. But these teeth, these teeth.

Did your baby have trouble teething? Any tips? She's wearing an amber necklace & she had it on all Friday night, I forgot to take it off her. She also had her six month needles on Friday, which I would have put off till next week if I'd felt the tooth coming up before hand. I hope things settle down for her (and for us) soon.


  1. Oh! Our lives are mirroring each other! Alice is sprouting a tooth right now, too. It's broken thru her gums but the other one must not be too far behind as she's still a miserable little thing. Clingy, too.

    I'm sorry to hear about your rough night! The only thing I've heard that works are some sort of natural teething tablets but I haven't done the research so I don't even know the name of them. My friends with kids swear by them, though! I might be getting some this week. Or will be having a gin&tonic by 5PM every day. ; )

    1. Oh I will look into those tablets. Gin & Tonics are a must x


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