Baby led weaning update

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Eating pumpkin

Turns out we're introducing solids a little slower than I thought we would. Along with the teeth trouble she's also had really bad wind. Whether this is related to the teeth or related to the solids, I don't really know. We've cut out all wheat related products (it's so hard not to give her a bite of toast when she's reaching for it, but we must) and I'm also going to cut out gulten. We're sticking with fruit & vegetables and pear & apple rice cereal (wheat & gluten free), both of which don't seem to give her trouble. 

As for baby led weaning, she'll try anything you give her. She prefers green veggies over the other colour ones, if given a choice. She won't be spoon fed, instead she has to hold the spoon herself. I load it with food and then give it to her. Her accuracy is 100% now, but she'll normally turn the spoon upside down before it goes in, so it's best to load the base as well. 

With the rice cereal she refuses to eat it off the spoon & wants to suck it straight into her mouth. Let's cut out the middle man (or spoon), with mum squeezing the bottom while Lulu holds the top. I don't think I've ever seen another baby a packet food this way. Has your baby eaten like this too? 
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Eating pear & apple rice cereal


  1. I love that photo of her sucking the squeeze pack. So funny. Alice eats off a spoon right now but I'm sure as she gets older and more independent (and stubborn!), that will change. She loves everything we've given her except apples but I think that's because I made it with really tart early-fall kind of apples. Next time, I'll make it with a sweeter variety. She must have a sweet tooth like me!

  2. And I love the wall paper/background behind Lulu's chair. Super cool.

  3. That picture of her is so funny! I've never seen a baby slurp from those packets before. My six month old also refuses to let me feed her, luckily she has pretty good aim with the spoon.


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