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Monday, September 10, 2012

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1. Entertaining the troops at post-work beers on Friday
2. Saturday morning mum & daughter coffee time
3. The beautiful floral centrepiece at my first meeting of the cheesecake club
4. We planted a herb garden

There's been a few questions on instagram (girlinthepjs) and twitter about cheesecake club. My friend & a group of her friends meet once a month to eat cheesecake. Each cheesecake is homemade by someone in the group & the group take turns on who will make the cheesecake. I've been lucky enough to be invited a few times but we'd always been busy so this Sunday I made the time to go and I did not regret it. The cheesecake was a baked blueberry ricotta and brandy cheesecake. It was delicious. 

How was your weekend? Lots of cheesecake & flowers I hope. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the herb garden. 


  1. That Cheesecake Club sounds amazing. If I had more girlfriends here in Boston, I'd totally do it.

    Can't wait to hear about your herb garden. It is adorable!

    And are Lulu and her Sophie best friends like Alice and her Sophie are?! My kid loves that squeaky thing.

    1. Totally best friends. Our mate asked why we gave her a dog's toy. It certainly sounds like one, but she does just love it.

  2. What?! A cheesecake group? This all sounds so fabulous! You and your blog are just too perfect!
    xo TJ

  3. I dont really like cheesecake but this cheesecake club sounds terrific! what a great idea.

    My little one has a Sophie also, your right, it does sound like a dogs toy!

  4. I made cheesecake last night. If I knew about the club I would have eaten it now whilst catching up on the last month of your blog. Instead I've accidentally eaten a pack of salt and vinegar chips...


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