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Saturday, September 15, 2012


This week has been a little bit of a struggle. We've both been sick & Lulu is still waking at 12ish, 3ish & 5ish. It's hard to get over a cold or a sinus infection when your sleep is so broken. That being said, I think we're all on the mend now. I managed to exercise Monday, Thursday and Friday, which isn't too bad, just running though. 

Thursday my mother's group met at my place. It was lovely to see our little lounge room full of babies, 9 all up, 10 counting Lulu! Lulu loved the oodles of activity, already wanting whatever toy someone else had. 

This week on the internets I have:

Been inspired by this post to do something about my wardrobe & the clothes I no longer wear. Sort out my  style and stick to a theme.

Loved Little Nuffield cafe (hexagonal tiles - love) & the mexican restaurant that were finalists in the Spacial Category of NZ Design Institute Best Awards - see here - Maybe we do need to make our NZ ski trip happen next year...

Sympathised with Meghan about the fantasy of taking a little break.


  1. Oh man. I sympathize with Meghan sO much! My directly downstairs neighbor is pregnant with twins (TWINS! Can you imagine?!) ans I told her today how there were many times those first few weeks that my husband and I said to each other (and to ourselves) "Why did we decide to be parents?!" and n

  2. Shoot. I got cut off. Anyway. My point is, at first we questioned our decision to be parents ( don't judge!). And now, we cannot imagine our life with our little Alice. She is our world.

    Although, I'd take back a solid 7 hours of sleep back in a nanosecond. ; )

  3. One more time..... *without. We cannot imagine our lives WITHOUT Alice. Geeeeez. ; )

  4. One more time..... *without. We cannot imagine our lives WITHOUT Alice. Geeeeez. ; )


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