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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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The herb garden has been a few weeks in the making as we waited for the new hot water unit to be installed & the old one removed from the place where we wanted the garden to live. It remains to be seen whether we keep it alive or not, we're very good at killing plants. The rest of our garden is on a huge dripper system that works independently of us and so much of the garden is still alive (we won't mention the patch that passed away from what we thought was the frost but turned out to be the broken dripper). But the herb garden we will have to water regularly and once a week with plant food. 

The patch where I thought we'd plant a herb garden is riddled with weeds. I'm working on it but there's a long way to go, so a garden where the weeds couldn't get it was the go. Nick remembered there was an old bath at his mum's from when she remodeled and she graciously let us use it. We filled the bottom of it with gravel, then pea straw, then soil.

The herbs we planted? Our most used herbs parsley, corriander (cilantro) and spring onion (not technically a herb but annoying to buy a big bunch when you only need one stem). We also have mint but it's going in it's own pot as it tends to take over. We're also putting in basil but the nursery was out of basil so we'll buy it on Wednesday when it's back in stock. 

I promise I will take care of this little garden. I really want to succeed at this. 
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  1. Good luck with your herb growing endeavor! I love having fresh herbs to pick. =)

  2. i, too, kill pretty much everything i plant even though i have THE BEST intentions. maybe i try to o hard? who knows.

    i am in love with your little herb garden. i will send it good growing vibes!


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