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Friday, September 7, 2012

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Guess who slept in her own bed all night long for the past two nights? We still had to get up to her once in the night, but it was nice not having to bring her into our bed afterwoulds to get her to sleep. Maybe she would have gone back to sleep in her bed before this, but when you are a little sleep deprived, it's nice to go with what will guarantee you sleep! But not now. A cuddle, then a nappy change & feed if the cuddle wont settle her, then into her own bed. YAY! Looks like, touch wood, the teeth & sleep trouble of the past few weeks is behind us, till next time....

And yes, we can talk about the cork walls (not just wall, walls! agh) in her room at a later date.


  1. My mom's house had corks walls and they JUST tore them out a few months ago in a huge remodel. It was a terrible mess. But I think the cork was super old so it was crumbly.

    Yay Lulu! I think I need to try the 'diaper, cuddle, back to crib' thing but it is SO much easier to just grab her into our bed and go back to sleep! I think you're right, though. That's all they probably need!

  2. what a doll :) precious.


  3. Yay! I love Lulu's crib bedding too! I have to admit that I am super jealous; nights are still pretty rough around here, and my baby boy is edging up on six months. Not cool.

    1. Thanks! The bedding is from Ikea & the cot pillows from My Poppet (A gift from lulu's Aunt). We're still up at about 3am with Lulu & again at 5:30am but it is nice putting her back in her crib & retreating to our room. Hope your little boy settles into some lovely sleep patterns soon x


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