To prune or not to prune?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Wow, it's Wednesday already & I feel so tired. I worked the first two days of this week & we've had a few family dinners. Lulu's Saturday night of sleeping through was just that, Saturday night. It's gone from winter to summer within a week. We forgot to call the pool guy to help us with it as we've never owned one before. He can't make it till Monday & there it looms in the backyard just begging us to go for a swim, yet reminding us how grotty it is if we get up close to it. I just popped on here now to look up whether or not I should prune the pomegranate tree & here I am writing a blog post. Oh well. I'll get back to pruning in the front yard now & then I won't even have a chance to think about how tired I am.


  1. What an awesome backyard. And a pomegranate tree? How lucky!

    I know nothing about gardens and yards and pruning as I've mostly lived in apartments my entire life. Sad, I know!

    My husband laughs because I often look longingly at people mowing their lawns, wishing I could do that! He tells me, "It gets old quick!"

    1. You can mow our lawn when ever you want, in fact it needs it now. How about you pop over this afternoon & Lulu & Alice can play :)


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