Baby Fever

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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The little miss has had a high temperature for the last two days. Nick took her to the doctor yesterday and the GP suspects she has bronchiolitis but there isn't much they can do. We need to listen to her breathing & if it gets above 60 breaths a minute, take her to the hospital and if her fever gets above 40, take her to the hospital. The highest it got was 39.3, which was still pretty scary. You feel a little helpless when you can't do much more than cuddles, panadol & fluids...


  1. Oh my. This is serious! I used to take care of babies in the ER with high breathing and fevers (and loads of other things, too). Just stay on top of the panadol (tylenol here) and, if your GP is okay with it, you can alternate with ibuprofen to help break the fever when the panadol isn't due.

    Keep encouraging her to drink fluids and, if she won't, monitor her urine output. If either decrease, she should go in for IV fluids.

    Good luck! Sending positive healing thoughts your way. XO.

  2. She was doing fine with fluids until this morning. She hasn't had any fluids really (just a few sips) since 4:30 this morning when she had 30mls & the temp is back to 37.7. (99.86F). She's sleeping now but when she wakes if she doesn't take any milk I will take her to the hospital. Thanks so much for the advice.


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