Frockin' up - Pj Edition

Friday, November 2, 2012

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Do I need to mention that hanging out in my pjs is one of my favourite things? I didn't think so. Above are a few of my favourite pjs, aside from these of course.

1. Peter Alexander Pj pants, Jay Jays long sleeve tee
2. Sussan Pj pants and long sleeve tee, Jay Jays ugg boots
3. Peter Alexander Pj pants, Bonds singlet, Jay Jays ugg boots

Do you have a favourite pair of pjs? 


  1. My favorite were the middle pair till I spotted the owls on the pair on the right. I have a thing for owls. So cute!

    I need better PJ bottoms. I generally wear leggings or really loose hospital scrubs when hanging out around home. But I think something fun would brighten my mood when winter arrives in full force.

  2. what fun pajamas! i usually forget to put on pjs for winding down in the evening and end up stripping to my skivvies and sleeping in whatever shirt i had on for the day. some fun pjs would certainly help me get in the mood for lounging before bed.

    p.s. i WILL get back to you re: your email. i've been a bit out of it/busier than usual w grumpy babes but i have not forgotten!


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