Here's to productive mornings

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I feel like Zena today. This morning I have:
  • played with Lulu (refer to family playtime photo above)
  • exercised
  • fed Lulu breakfast
  • read Lulu a story
  • put Lulu down for her nap
  • put away the dishes
  • cleaned up the spare room
  • killed the flies that were hanging out by our back door - ick
  • fixed the creapy crawly
  • jumped in the pool for a bit as a part of the creapy crawly fell off while I was fixing it
  • cleaned the shower
  • cleaned the bath
  • cleaned the sink
  • showered
  • got dressed
  • put make-up on
  • opened the mail
  • checked email, instagram, facebook 
  • written this blog post
And now it's 9:45am, Lulu is stirring from her nap & we'll be off to mother's group soon. Here's to a productive afternoon.


  1. So busy! A friend of mine has a daily journal she keeps a record of her achievements for each day (eg washed brekky dishes, changed 16 nappies etc). It's a great way of acknowledging all the things you DO, when sometimes it feels like your getting nowhere fast ;)

    1. That's an awesome idea. A morning like the one today was so far from my norm, that I just had to document it.


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