Christmas Muppets

Saturday, December 22, 2012

GIRL IN THE PJS: Christmas Muppets
Have you seen the Cee lo Green and the Muppets Christmas video yet? It is my favourite discovery this Christmas. I am a huge Muppets fan & have to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol every Christmas. 

Is there a Christmas movie you have to watch each year? My dad has to watch Home Alone, the first & best one, each Christmas. I'm also partial to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Ooh and I love A Charlie Brown Christmas. I think tonight might be the perfect night for a little Christmas movie action.


  1. So funny. Love the muppets, too.

    Hmmmm... I do like Home Alone but, for the last few years, we've watched Bad Santa on Thanksgiving night at my dad's house. It's so raunchy and so funny and it's become sort of a tradition to pour a glass of wine and watch Billy Bob as a horribly drunken thief Santa!! ;-) Have you seen it?

    1. Bad Santa is great, I'd forgotten about that one!


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