Frocks, Parties and Brunch

Monday, December 3, 2012

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Another weekend of parties and frocks! Friday night we were invited to the Chief Minister's Christmas Party and since Nick & I would never miss a chance for free drinks and hob nobbing, we went. 

Saturday Lulu had a tummy bug & spent most of the day sleeping on us or in her cot, poor little thing. Saturday night we had our friend's mum's 60th to go to, so a sparkly dress and a new hair do was called for. Yes you may be adding up that we had two baby free evenings, lucky us!

Sunday I went to a fundraising brunch for my friend Noosh who will be running in the London marathon next year. We had breakfast tacos - yummy. You can read all about the menu and Noosh's training on her blog Noosh Likes Running. An afternoon nap with Sir Elton was called for after all the parties and brunching. A weekend well spent. 

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  1. Thanks for the plug Alli (and for coming to brunch!) xo

    1. No worries Noosh, thanks for a delicious brunch x

  2. Wow! Your weekend looks fabulous and very fancy. Love your dresses. We had a MUCH needed baby-free night while we were in Napa last week. It felt so good to get dressed up, put on high heels, and go OUT!

    Now to find a babysitter in Boston to do that more often!


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