Frockin' up - last day of work, week 35

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dress - Sadie
Shoes - Thongs - the only shoes that fit me now!
Necklace - Black Jewls
Today is my last day at work. I never thought that I would actually be looking forward to it. I love my job. I love that I have employment in my chosen field when through out uni people wondered how an Anthropology degree would get you a job outside of academia. The people I work with are fantastic and the job is fun, but..... 

it's so uncomfortable sitting in an office chair. Putting my feet up hurts my back, but not putting them up hurts my feet. My feet swell too much to be able to do anything outside the office (not good when part of my job is to be in the great outdoors) plus I fell like I need to pee pretty much every time I stand up. I get so tired I need coffee mid-morning & at lunch just to get through the day which is not ideal. So it's time to give it up, put my feet up & rest a little before this baby arrives. 

PS. My dad just mentioned that all the women in his family have given birth two weeks early! Plus my friend said she went 3.5 weeks early with her first! AGH! 3.5 weeks is the weekend after next!!

Nursery progress

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The nursery preparation has begun. 
 Nick put together the bookshelf and crib while Elton & I 'helped'

 Well, Elton played in the paper & then took a nap

I've been asked a lot recently if the nursery is set up & if we have everything and it's a little bit stressful saying no. So it's nice to finally have it started. 

Details thus far:
  • The bookcase is from Kmart. I wouldn't recommend them. Out of the 4 we bought, 2 had to be returned as they were faulty. 
  • The crib is from Ikea. Yep, they deliver to the Northern Territory.
  • The little chair and rocker are mine from when I was a kid.
  • The cushion on the rocker was made by Noosh
  • The monkey is from BlaBla Kids

Beach love - Lorne

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lorne, January 2012
Happy Australia Day!!

Photo taken with Diana Mini

Bikinis & Pregnancy

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taken by Nick with his new GoPro
Jessica Rudd recently wrote this piece for MamaMia about how amazing she's finding her body to be now that she's pregnant. In the past she'd go through a major body prep ritual to prepare for wearing a bikini, but now that she's pregnant she didn't think twice about putting on the bikini & heading for the water. 

While I've always proudly worn bikinis despite my wobbly bits, I know there are many who don't. And you know what? You're most likley never going to be skinnier than you are now. Don't wait for a pregnancy to make you accept your body for what it is. Go for it. Crack out that bikini & wear it proudly. 

Birthday Weekend

Monday, January 23, 2012

My birthday weekend started nicely with a dip in this lovely pool Friday night 
 Saturday morning Elton & I snuggled while I caught up on the interwebs goings on & an episode of Grey's Anatomy
Dress - French Kitty
Once Nick finished work we headed into town for lunch at Page 27, followed by the Muppet movie.
Dress - Jay Jays
 We had my birthday dinner with Nick's family & my friend Noosh, at Hanuman.  
Sunday morning Nick made pancakes to accompany the raspberry coulis I'd made. YUM!

How was your weekend?

Baby Things

Saturday, January 21, 2012

After spending a few hours with my friends and their gorgeous new born baby I realised how grossly underprepared we are for the arrival of the baby. Their baby went through a change of clothes and blankets within the first hour I was there & what about the rest of the day? 

Turns out we do already have 5 baby muslin wraps, the baby books say to have 6, so we're doing ok here. But the clothes are another story. We have maybe two or three newborn - 3 month old onesies. So yesterday I happened by Target, where they are having a massive baby sale (yes you can buy giant babies from them) and picked up a few cute onesies. Don't tell they baby, but they're mostly 'boy' ones. Why are all the girl clothes pink and the boy ones cool patterns (like the whales & elephants below) or fun green and blue? Well, she's going to rock the cool 'boy' clothes. 
Now to go back next week and get the lotions, nappies, cot sheets , baby monitor, etc, etc.

Frockin' up - Baby Bump 33 weeks

Friday, January 20, 2012

Scarf - Sportsgirl
T-shirt - Sportsgirl
Skirt - K-Mart
Thongs - Havianas
Glasses - Raybans
I finally found my other pair of thongs, only to depressingly realise that thongs aren't the only shoes that fit me right now. Over the last few months I've stretched the pair I've been wearing to fit my feet! Ugh. Anyway, as usual black clothing manages to make me look only half the size of a house. 

Weekend round up

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nap time with Sir Elton
Chewy Cinnamon Cookies made from this recipe
Catching up on Bones on the laptop
as we  have yet to plug in the DVD player.
Note: Swollen Pregnancy feet
Eggplant & ricotta roll ups for dinner
from this recipe
Also on Saturday we finally attended an antenatal class. Not as scary as I imagined. Plus most other ladies there were as far along as me, so we aren't the only ones who leave it until the last minute. 

How was your weekend?

On New Years Resolutions

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I think I might just adopt these New Years Resolutions, borrowed from Virginia Woolf 
Sometimes to read, sometimes not to read. 
To go out yes—but stay at home in spite of being asked.
As for clothes, to buy good ones.

See her other resolutions here - The Migrant Bookclub

Photo taken with Diana Mini

The Love Train

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I know we've just finished Christmas & it's way too early to be thinking about this, but the Love Train Postcard set is perfect for letting someone (maybe your Valentine? Or your long lost friend? Or your best friend?) know that you are thinking of them around this commercial holiday that can be rather lonely. 

Purchase the Love Train Postcard Set here.

Best JB-HiFi Review

Friday, January 13, 2012

Also, this review of Keeping up with the Kardashians is pretty spot on...
Photo from The Wall

Moonrise Kingdom

I cannot wait for this movie to come out. Summer camp, running away from home, vintage dresses, oh yes! 

Beach love - Porteau Cove v Marengo

Monday, January 9, 2012

Porteau Cove, BC, Canada
 Canadian beaches have a delightfully winter feel about them. You can imagine walking the beach in your boots with your jacket pulled tightly around you. Australian beaches, on the other hand, have a distinctly summer feel about them. Bright sunlight & white sand lead you to believe that the weather is much warmer than it is. In reality, the weather was roughly the same temperature the day I took both photos. 
Margeno, VIC, Australia
Photos taken with Diana Mini

Baby Bump 31 Weeks

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wow, when we drove down to Apollo Bay I was 30 weeks, while we were there I was 31 weeks and I drove back in week 32. It is amazing how different the weeks are.

During week 30 I could still wear my wedding rings, by the end of week 31 I could wear them no longer. For everyone who said the swelling was bad due to the heat, well it was 19 degrees in Apollo Bay and I still couldn't wear any shoes other than my thongs due to my fat feet. 

I now can't walk more than 5m without needing to pee. Weirdly enough I can sit for hours without needing to pee. Useful for long car trips. It must just be because of where she's pressing when I'm standing?

I slept and slept while we were away. Going to bed by 10:30pm, waking around 9:00am, then having a 1.5hr nap in the afternoon around 3. So tired.

By the end of week 31 my belly ached and ached. She's growing way to quickly for me to catch up! On the drive down I wondered what everyone was fussing about, the drive was fine, I was as comfortable as you can be in a ute. The drive back was a different story. So uncomfortable, baby pressing up against ribs, back aching, wishing I had flown back. 

Other than that I'm just 'glowing' - more likely it's the sweat glistening in the 41 degree Alice Springs heat.  

Roadtrippin' - Alice Springs to Apollo Bay

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This year we drove down to Apollo Bay for Christmas with Nick's family, stopping in Adelaide for a few days to have first Christmas with my family. It's fun to have two Christmases!

The drive from Alice Springs to Apollo Bay covers 2310km and takes two days. In the past we'd flown, but this time we needed to pick up some of our stuff we had stored at Nick's family beach house. So we borrowed a ute and drove. While there's no denying that it's quite a drive, it is interesting watching the landscape change as you move across the country. From hills in the Territory to scrubland in South Australia to farmland in Victoria. If you get a chance to drive you should do it. 

Sunrise leaving Alice Springs
Early morning on the Stuart Highway
Camper, Shoe tree & rain at Kulgera, NT 
Mines approaching Coober Pedy, SA
The happy driving couple
Train south of Port Pirie, SA
Vineyards & gum trees at Padthaway, SA 
One lane highway between Harrow & Balmoral, VIC 
Highway between Caramut & Hexham, VIC
Great Ocean Road between Skenes Creek & Apollo Bay
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