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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week before last stylist Megan Morton hosted a 7 day 'Photo a Day' challenge - 'things I love'. I thought 7 days was totally doable opposed to 30 day challenges that you give up on after, you guessed it, 7 days. Here are my photos:
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1. Colour, 2. Objects, 3. Two and Four Legged, 4. Flowers, 5. Vignette (I had to look up what this meant in a styling context),  6. Books, 7. Confetti 

The Closer & Major Crimes

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Did you ever watch the Closer? I am a sucker for crime dramas and I loved Kyra Sedgwick's Brenda. Brenda was tough, single minded and good at her job. The other characters in the series were also well developed, some weren't as likeable as others, bit that's what a good series is all about. 

Season 7 of the Closer saw a lot of struggles for Brenda & the team, with the whole being sued business & the leak, but I never thought that this would be their last season. I watched the last episode on Friday when Lulu was sick & it wasn't until I neared the end that I thought, hang on, this doesn't seem like a normal season finale here, this feels more like the end. When it was over I jumped online & discovered that Season 7 was the last. How sad. I'll miss Brenda's loveable charm. 

The rest of the team can be seen in the spin-off, Major Crimes. I have to admit I liked Major Crimes. I've seen the first few episodes and the show (of course) has the same feel as the closer, with a strong female lead. It's great that the rest of the team is sticking together. I'll be watching for sure. 

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Markets and Tiki Bars

Monday, October 29, 2012

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Saturday focused on sick babies & sick husbands so Sunday was fun day. Lulu was feeling much better, as was Nick, so we had breakfast in town & hit up the markets. We scored an awesome tiki bar at Mixed Lollies clearance shop (check it out here). A treasure from the old shop fittings that didn't have a home in the move. It's now right at home in our house and of course we had to celebrate with afternoon gin & tonics. How was your weekend?  

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Lulu had another doctors appointment today. Her temperature is back to normal but she has a rash that is worse. Her GP called yesterday afternoon to see how she was going & suggested I take her to the emergency clinic they run on Saturday mornings. 

Lucky for us the doctor I usually see was on call today. She thinks the rash is part of the virus & will go away soon. The doctor suspects the rattly chest and cough, which Lulu has had all winter, might be asthma. Her daughter sounded the same at the same age & she (and her daughter's doctor) put her daughter on asthma medication. It worked a treat for her baby, so hopefully it will help Lulu. 

This week has been long and it is so hard seeing your baby sick & not being able to do very much to help. I feel for parents of kids with long term illnesses. 

Since Lulu has been having long naps I have had plenty of time to muck around on the interwebs. Here are a few things I have found interesting:

Imagine having a locals pass to Disneyland? Diana from Our City Lights has one & she has covered every inch of that park, lucky her. I'm lucky enough to have been once to Disneyland as an adult & as a kid my parents took me to Disneyworld. A dream come true. 

This Kanye/Wes Anderson mash up tumbler made me laugh

This adorable magazine filled with super stylish children's clothes - le petite magazine

Hope your weekend is wonderful. 

Update on the Baby Fever

Friday, October 26, 2012

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We ended up taking Lulu to the hospital early yesterday evening as her temperature kept spiking each time the panadol wore off & she wasn't drinking anywhere near as much as she normally does. 

The doctor said that she has an ear infection. This possibly wasn't picked up by the GP as the GP only looked in one of her ears, not both due to her wriggling & complaining so much about having her ears looked at. While an ear infection isn't great, it is a little comforting to know that the fever is linked to something, as the last time she had bronchiolitis she didn't have a fever.

The hospital doctor did make us feel a little silly bringing her in, as if he had really sick babies to attend to (the ER was strangely quiet for Alice Springs, though we did get to see the usual police/ambo drop off from the watchhouse combo), but other times I've been there the peds doctor has said to bring her in anytime. I'm sticking with that advice. With small babies, it's bette to be on the safe side.

Now we are back to where we began yesterday, regular panadol, cuddles and lots of sleep. Lulu is a little more interested in play & she took a few bites of baby cereal. Things are beginning to look up. 

Baby Fever

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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The little miss has had a high temperature for the last two days. Nick took her to the doctor yesterday and the GP suspects she has bronchiolitis but there isn't much they can do. We need to listen to her breathing & if it gets above 60 breaths a minute, take her to the hospital and if her fever gets above 40, take her to the hospital. The highest it got was 39.3, which was still pretty scary. You feel a little helpless when you can't do much more than cuddles, panadol & fluids...

Herb Garden Update

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Remember how we planted a herb garden at the beginning of September? Well had I shown you photos of it a few weeks ago it would have looked full of luscious looking herbs, but I waited too long. We've had quite a few days of over 38 degrees and the coriander (cilantro) went to seed. To add insult to injury a small bug or grasshopper has eaten the rest of the coriander and the mint AND the basil. The bug must not like the parsley or the spring onion as they remain untouched. The bug must not like the parsley or the spring onion as they remain untouched.



Have you had this happen in your garden? What did you do to stop it? I've rigged up a possible solution of a fly net and sticks. Hopefully it keeps the bugs away. I'll keep you posted.


Swimming, painting & socialising

Monday, October 22, 2012

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This weekend felt like it went forever, in a good way. The kind of weekend where you pack so much in that when you go to be Saturday night you are surprised to find that you've still got a whole other day to go.

Friday we stayed in with homemade pizza and new episodes of The Office.

Saturday Nick mountain biked in the early morning, then I did some exercise, then it was time for Lulu's first swimming lesson. She loved being in the water with both Mummy & Daddy at the class. Unfortunately we lost her bathers on the way from the pool to the car. So many things to keep track of when taking a little kid to the pool. We then did a few chores around town. Saturday night friends came over for dinner and we watched the fireworks from Anzac Oval from our driveway. I love fireworks. 

Sunday I made banana bread and then we painted the bathroom (before and after coming soon) & put up new blinds in the lounge, making the house feel more like ours. Friends came by for a swim in the afternoon & in the evening Nick went to meet friends for dinner at Montes while Lulu & I had an early, quiet night. Lovely. 

1. Warm enough for a ruffle butt sunseeker 2. Banana bread from Everyone Loves Sandwiches recipe, minus the coffee & choc chips 3. Mags and Coffee 4. Another cactus in my garden is flowering. 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

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The daycare is going on holidays for two weeks next week (the only drawback of a family run daycare) so I worked 3 days this week and last week to make up the days I'll miss. Nick arrived back on Monday from his mountain bike trip and we were very happy to have him home. Lulu & I missed our Thursday Mother's Group coffee, which was quite sad, after two days of work it's always fun to take Lulu & hang out with the other mums and bubs. 

We caught up with a friend Friday morning who has a two year old and was looking after 2 other two year olds as well. Lulu was hugged, loved & taken care of by the little girl and admired from afar by the little boys. That many two year olds certainly are exhausting. I don't know how my friend does it each week. 

This week home interior design caught my eye in the internets world:

via Inside Out came this Berlin apartment of Sandra Juto and Johnan Pergenius on Freunde Von Freunden which reminds me so much of Melbourne spaces. I think that's why we loved Berlin when we were there

Speaking of houses, I love this converted warehouse space on Apartment Therapy via A Denver Home Companion - the space belongs to friend's of theirs, how cool!

and back in baby land:
Do you walk out the house & realise you're wearing the same thing as your kid? Baby Blackbird posted about this on Thursday & do you know what? Friday morning when I read the post I realised Lulu and I were dressed the same. Both in cheesecloth outfits, hers a Purebaby Onesie and me a dress by Pako Litto.
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Frockin' up - Mixed Lollies New Store Style

Friday, October 19, 2012

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My favourite store in Alice Springs has moved! Mixed Lollies has relocated down the fun end of the mall, near the cafes I frequent. This I fear will be dangerous for me but great for them. Normally (sorry Stars!!) I avoid the end of the mall where they are located when I'm broke. Now I can't even do that. I'll be walking past the big glass windows full of goodies on a more than weekly basis. And they sell baby clothes. Our finances are  in for a dive. 

I popped into the store on Wednesday to check out their new space and of course I ended up trying on a bunch of tops, bringing home the one below. I originally thought it was a dress, but it was a little short when I tried it on... perfect for leggings though, don't you think? 
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Top: Backstage 
Leggings: Big W
Sandals: Witchery

Scripted Rachel Zoe

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last year I stumbled upon the Rachel Zoe Project and it became a bit of a guilty pleasure. The fashion, the characters, the crazy world that's created, it's a fun watch. Well, the Hollywood Reporter announced today that Zoe is attached to executive produce a scripted show based on her life. With a Scrubs writer (Aseem Batra) and a 30 Rock director (Todd Holland) attached it looks to be something that I'm going to be very interested in seeing. Oh and Bravo has renewed the Rachel Zoe Project for another season. Yay.

*file photo from last year when we lived in the studio at Nick's Mum's after just getting back from a year in Canada. Good times.

The Ice Queen

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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After a few mornings of Lulu refusing to eat her baby cereal, I started putting it in the fridge & giving it to her when she woke up from her nap. She'd eat it all up after her nap. Eventually I put two & two together. It was the chilled cereal she liked. No room temperature slop for my Lulu. It must be chilled. Now I prepare her cereal when I first wake up, put it in the fridge for an hour or so and then serve it up. The chilled cereal is gobbled down in an instant. She's a character. 

On another note, I worked out very early on that she has a slight wheat intolerance. Anything with wheat gives her gas, bad bad gas. The kind where she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. Babies aren't supposed to have wheat until they're about 9 months, but some cope ok with it. We're hoping this is something she'll grow out of. 

When you check the back of baby food products, especially the cereal, wheat is snuck into a lot of them. We've found two brands, that don't have wheat, Rafferty's Garden for cereal and Ella's Kitchen for squeezy packs. Do you know of any others? The Ella's Kitchen ones are great as many of them don't taste sweet and Lulu still likes them. 

Pubs, bubs and cleaning

Monday, October 15, 2012

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Nick was away in Adelaide this weekend racing in a mountain bike comp so it was just us girls. Friday night we had a quick after work/daycare drink with friends at the pub. I say quick because Lulu started crying the minute we got there & only stopped long enough to eat two quiet crackers before picking up where she left off. And yes I got the 'bad mother why is your baby at the pub' evil eye from the lady at the table behind us. Has this ever happened to you?

Saturday morning we were supposed to start swim lessons. I woke up a sleeping baby & arrived at the pool only to be told that the lesson was cancelled and 'didn't someone call you?'. Of course no one called me otherwise I would be here would I? The other mums & bubs taking the class with us weren't told either so we all had a group swim anyway. That afternoon a friend asked Lulu & I over for a glass of wine (well wine for me) and you can bet I said yes. 

Sunday was market day and we met up with a friend for coffee. In the afternoon Lulu had a play date with her grandma while I did an extraordinary amount of things. Dropped off old clothes at a charity, cleaned out the fridge, hung out washing, put away washing, put away everything else in this house that hasn't been put away, tried to get rid of bugs (a never ending task as it gets warmer) and placed our first order for groceries online. The last task was a mission but now that the first one is done it will be easier going forward to just select the same things from this weeks list. Do you order groceries online? I should have done this ages ago. I tried the Coles website but found it so hard to navigate I gave up, but the Woolworths Online is much easier. 

How was your weekend?

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

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The best thing that happened in Australia this week was our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard's parliamentary speech on sexism. The speech was a reply to the opposition Leader Tony Abbott's motion to remove the speaker of the house Peter Slipper over sexual harassment charges. Gillard had not wanted to remove Slipper until his case had been heard in court and she took Abbott to task on sexism, saying:

"I will not be lectured on sexism by this man, not now, not ever.... If he want's to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia he doesn't need a motion in the house of Representatives, he needs a mirror".

Gillard then precedes to quote Abbott's own statements, things he has said since being a government minister, including "That men have more power generally speaking than women, is that a bad thing?" and "what if men, by physiology are more adapt to issue commands?". As the Minister for Health Abbott said "Abortion is the easy way out". Abbott has also stood next to signs calling Gillard a witch & a bitch. Sexist no?

Females across Australia applauded Gillard's speech, yet the mainstream (male dominated) media opinions said she 'gained nothing' and 'lost credibility'. I'm unsure how anyone could hear that speech and still say Gillard is NOT a 'flag bearer for women' (Hatcher 'We Expected More of Gillard'). As Braid points out in this piece, Gillard said the very things that many women had wanted to say at one time or other and never had the chance.

What confounds me is that in Abbott's defense his supporters are state that he can't be sexist or misogynist simply because he has a wife, three daughters and a female chief of staff (see here). You have to be kidding! As someone on twitter pointed out, men in Saudi Arabia have wives and daughters, yet they are also sexist. There are many other reasons (see these 16 quotes for starters) as to why we shouldn't be electing Tony Abbott as PM, sexism is just the beginning. 

Not defending Slipper at all but I think removing Slipper from the role of speaker for something that has not been proven in court and for txts he sent in private sets a dangerous precedent. Don't reelect him & yes, he should have resigned ages ago.

I was proud of Gillard's speech. She's a flag bearer for me. I think she said the right thing at the right time to someone who says he isn't sexist, but whose past record proves otherwise. 

PS the cutest thing I heard all week was someone say their 6 year old son told them he couldn't be Prime Minister because he isn't a girl! 

PPS A few weeks ago a radio shock jock said that the women of Australia are destroying the joint. The women of Australia have taken this on board and are taking sexism in all shapes and forms to task. Check out Destroy the Joint and take the pledge.

Frockin' Up - Gala Style

Friday, October 12, 2012


This is what I wore to the Alice Springs Desert Festival Bush Foods Gala. The dress code was 'semi-formal', which in the Territory tends to be code for 'no thongs' (ie 'flipflops') and 'no t-shirts' or simply code for 'wear a shirt'. We took it to mean pants and heels & black. All the girls I went with wore black & three of us managed to have the black pants, black shirt & heels combo. I swear we did not plan this! At least one of us branched out with a black dress. 

It was fun trying out heels. I must confess I have a number of pairs of heels that I never wear. I just cannot put up with sore feet & so I generally go with the flats. But heels do (funnily enough) make me just that little bit taller, which is nice. But not nice enough to wear heels all the time. Platform wedges do make the whole heels thing a little bit easier. Are you a heels girl? Or do you go the comfort foot option like I normally do?

Alice Springs Desert Festival Bush Foods Gala

Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Last night a few friends and I attended the Alice Springs Desert Festival Bush Foods Gala. The menu was quite something, with possum, crocodile and emu all featuring. I wasn't sure I was going to try the possum, there's just something not quite right about eating possum, kind of like eating a giant rat, but when it was presented in a tiny bite sized piece I gave it a go. The possum had been cooked in duck fat, so it tasted a little familiar, but I really don't think I ever need to eat it again. 

I'd had crocodile before in a lasagna (yes you heard correctly) in Darwin which was quite nice so I was keen to give it a go again. This time it tasted a little like turkey. The emu tasted a lot like kangaroo & my serve was so big I couldn't finish it. The desert was amazing. I loved the strawberries and the goats cheese sorbet. Delicious.

The night itself was a bit disorganised, due to a few spots of rain & a lot of wind causing the whole shebang to be moved under cover. The vegetarian option for our friend came out either way after our dishes or way before, plus the vegetarian appetiser was simply the meat option without the meat - a little disappointing. The option did get better, but wasn't a filling meal like the meat option (not that you want to be stuffed full but you don't want to have to eat toast when you get home), plus the main had quail egg, which many vegetarians don't eat. They also ran out of the wine we were drinking, before the main course. It wouldn't be a territory event without a few quirks and it was lovely to spend an evening with friends and try some new food. 

Clockwise from the left:

Appetiser - Confit of Tasmanian possum served with a Davidson plum compote on toasted brioche
Entree - Daintree vanilla bean cured crocodile fillet cocked Sous vide and served with cider braised pears and a tangelo wattle seed emulsion
Main - Bush tomato crusted emu fillet served with a liquorice jus and roasted baby beets
Dessert - A mixed dessert plate of wattle seed brulee, Hennessey roasted strawberried topped with a pepper berry meringue, sugarbag honey and goats cheese sorbet with a toasted macadamia bread.

For all those Gilmore Girls Fans

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Did you know that the creator of Gilmore Girls has a new show? I didn't but thanks to @kickpleat mentioning it on twitter I do now. I'm going to have to check it out. Remember my Gilmore Girls addiction when I was pregnant? I think I watched 4 seasons. Not that I have that kind of time now, but I can dream... 

A weekend in the pool

Monday, October 8, 2012

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It's hot with a capital H here at the moment. Which meant we spent most of the weekend getting the pool ready for swimming and then the rest of the weekend in the pool. I love that we have a pool. Especially since there is so much gardening in our yard to do. A dip in the pool after gardening is delightful. 

Lulu wasn't too happy about swimming with us, but was overjoyed when placed in her blow-up chair. The independence it gave her was just what she was looking for. We buzzed her around the pool for ages in it. And boy did she sleep well Saturday night.

What's your favourite way to cool down on a hot day? I think this weekend is just the beginning of many more hot days this summer.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


We've ended the week feeling much, much better than when we started. We're going to take it easy this weekend & also get a few jobs done around the house. 

Things I've enjoyed this week on the interwebs include:

This kitchen posted by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes. I LOVE the orange fridge, how cool!

This post by Jody from Lemon Rhodes on how to appear busy. We have pyjama days too & Jody list a few quick tips to make it appear at the end of the day that you didn't have a pj day.

This post by Joanna from A Cup of Jo on sleep training. We are thinking of doing something similar with Lulu once these teeth break through. We bought the 'Save our Sleep Book' by Tizzie Hall for some guidance, my friend swears by Tizzie's routines. The comments on Joanna's post are really interesting, many real mums sharing their experiences with sleep training. I will certainly post more on this at a later date. 

Frockin' up - Summer Uniform

Friday, October 5, 2012

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Sometimes all you need is a little bit of red lipstick to brighten up an otherwise uniform like black tee and jean shorts outfit. I'm wearing strong by Lush. Tee from Sportsgirl, shorts from Just Jeans.

This photo was included in Fox in Flats Red Lipstick Dare photo gallery.

Little teeth

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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With little teeth come little tooth brushes. I try & get Lulu to brush her teeth each morning when I brush mine. She sits in her bouncer while I put my make-up on, the perfect place for her to brush her teeth. I put a teeny weeny bit of tooth paste on the end of her brush & then I brush her teeth before letting her brush her teeth. She normally pulls the brush straight back out of her mouth and chews on the other end. But at least the process is started. 

Did you know you're supposed to brush baby's teeth from the moment they first appear? The dentist gave a talk at our parenting classes, scaring us all into ensuring that our baby's teeth are brushed every day and that they never drink anything other than milk or water.  

An update on Lulu's teeth: One of her top two has broken through & the other looks like it might soon. The bottom two are well and truely in now. Her sleep hasn't gotten any better, however last night we put her in bed with us from 10 and she slept through till 7am, with a brief waking period around 5am where she resettled herself. I think the teething is causing her to just need us to be close to her. Fair enough too, so many changes happening to her little body. 

Tuesdays with Bones

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

*Spoiler alert if you haven't seen Season 7*
Is there anything better than a Tuesday night in with Bones? I really wasn't sure how I'd like it once Bones and Booth got together, it really could have gone downhill without the tension and barbs that fly but it's turning out to be just fine. What do you think? Are you happy they got together or do you wish it had stayed all tension? I must admit I was pretty happy when Bones was pregnant at the same time as me. 
 photo Bones-Season-7_zpsuvzhp5ln.jpg

Rain, roses & stomach bugs

Monday, October 1, 2012

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We got a little better, but not that much better. Lulu is cutting her two top teeth so she refused to sleep without me or Nick right next to her all weekend. We're contemplating moving the cot back into our room so we can all get a good night's sleep. Thus our weekend was fairly quiet.

1. Early morning walk in the drizzle to check out lawn sales - no great bargains
2. Nick's aunt's roses on her table for afternoon tea
3. The small amount of dead stuff we pulled from the garden littering the path
4. Teething on the bouncer, moving to quick to get a clear photo

We rounded the weekend out with a nice dinner at Nick's mum's and now both of us are home on a Monday still sick. My mum is taking care of Lulu while we try to get better. As my friend said on Facebook, what would we do without Mums? 
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