Easy Composting

Friday, March 29, 2013

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We've started composting and it turns out that composting is easy. I wish we'd started earlier. All you need is:

1. A bucket/container to collect your kitchen scraps - I suggest you make this small so you empty it more often. They start to smell if left too long.

2. A larger composting bin outside to collect the kitchen scraps and lawn clippings/garden clippings. You can get a big bin like ours from any hardware store.

3. A large garden fork or shovel to turn the mixture
It's that easy.

They say not to add meat or dairy, bread or cake to the compost, but you can add vacuum cleaner dust and moist newspapers. I also keep some of the coffee grounds separate to add to the herb garden weekly. As with most babies, a lot of what we feed Lulu ends up on the floor, so now it can go to help our garden.

You can find out more about composting here.

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