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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 photo 7_zps457caa97.jpg photo 1_zps63f65561.jpg photo 6_zpsab7ee5f8.jpg photo 5_zps48812211.jpg photo 2_zpscfb2f513.jpg photo 3_zps51709488.jpg
1. Felt Easter egg holders. My friend taught me how to make them a few weeks ago. Am very excited about this new skill. Oh the felt goodies just waiting to be made!

2. Home made hot cross buns. My first attempt at what Nick would like to become an easter tradition. There is only a before photo because they were not photography pretty after but they sure were tasty. I even made a few chocolate ones, because I don't like the fruit.

3. Never turn your back on a 1 year old whose in reach of your easter egg. 

4. The lovely table setting at our friend's easter brunch. I loved watching Lulu chase the two year olds around the backyard afterwoulds. She sure can move fast.

5. New gardening gloves after my finger poked through the old ones. The milk container has worms for our compost bin. 

6. My little helper and me.

Hope you and yours had a lovely Easter break. 

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  1. That table looks incredible and so inviting!
    I am so glad I found your blog, I will be joining in Em's Weekly Stills from this week onwards!
    xx Katrina


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