Frockin' up - Friday night dinner party

Friday, April 19, 2013

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Last friday night we had my friend Noosh, her partner Adam and another friend of ours over for dinner. It really was the nicest way to welcome in the weekend. Nick made paella and we had spanish themed pre dinner nibbles while we waited for it to cook. Good food, lots of chatting and laughter. An awesome night that reminds you just how lucky you are to have such good friends. 

Since it was a casual evening, I chose to wear this loose dress (room for food), from the label Something Else by Natalie Wood, and no shoes (the benefit of having the evening at ours). It was so comfortable. The perfect dress. 

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  1. Very cute. And, I have to say, you and Nick have such a fun-looking social life! Lee and I are total losers in comparison.

    And I can't WAIT to make that paella. Thanks for sharing the recipe! XO.


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