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Thursday, April 11, 2013

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What is happening in this photo, I hear you ask? Well, we wanted to remove the bougainvillaea plant that was cutting our yard in half (this has been our mission, that we had failed at, since we moved in) and our friends wanted a bougainvillaea to plant along their back fence. It's a spiky plant with bright flowers, perfect for stopping would be fence jumpers. So they came over Sunday arvo & removed the plant, along with the lattice work that was helping the bougainvillaea hide half our yard. 

Nick happened to mention that the next task would be moving the hills hoist to a less prominent position & before we knew it the hills hoist was gone too! Who knew they were so big when stood on one side? 

In one afternoon we had three big tasks - removing the bougainvillaea, removing the lattice work and moving the hills hoist - knocked off. When you feel like a project has gotten on top of you it might be worth mentioning it to your friends. You never know how your project may help them and vice versa. We wanted rid of the bougainvillaea and they needed one. Win Win. We are very thankful to have such wonderful friends. 

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  1. What a project! And glad to hear the plant went to a good home (I'd type out the real name but, WOW! That's a hard one to spell).

    Those babies sure look like they enjoy your backyard!


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