Flowers, oysters and tacos

Monday, June 3, 2013

 photo DSCF1247_zpsf74fff93.jpg photo DSCF1258_zps3ad2dc0d.jpg photo DSCF1255_zpsb69501cb.jpg photo DSCF1257_zps0ae5f4ed.jpg photo DSCF1261_zps25a1b5bf.jpg
Aside from a Friday night pub night (for which Lulu went to sleep really quickly & woke up at the precise time that I wanted to leave), we spent the rest of the weekend at home. Photos above include our table dressed for brunch with girlfriends on Saturday, thank you tulips, oysters Saturday night, baking that was left in the oven a little too long on Sunday,  and old school tacos Sunday night to finish the weekend. Delightful. How was your weekend?


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