A spot of sickness

Saturday, August 24, 2013

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This week has been all about being sick. For the week prior, despite having a sinus infection, I pretended I wasn't sick and then bam, by Tuesday morning I just couldn't pretend any longer. Off to the doctor I went, to get some nice antibiotics to nail this thing. I ended up being home sick Tuesday and Wednesday.

Since Lulu was born, whenever I have been sick, I've been so tired that I've slept all day. But this time I just couldn't sleep. I managed only an hour on Tuesday and no sleep on Wednesday.  While I rested, I ended up watching 2 seasons of Girls. This is how I was able to watch so much tv before having Lulu!

I also did this detox bath while watching an episode. The 20 minutes goes much faster when you have an episode of something to watch, but I think having a blocked nose may have helped me tolerate the strong smell of ginger. Have you tried the detox bath or do you have a similar thing you swear by? I'm feeling much better now & will certainly be doing the detox bath again.


  1. Oh, I've recently become hooked on 'Girls' as well! I'm yet to watch season 2, what did you think of it? Hope you're back to 100% - being sick is no fun at all x

    1. I liked Season 2 but it threw a character personality twist with one of the main characters at what seemed like the last minute. I don't know if there had been hints to it in season 1 but as I'd only watched season 1 the day before I don't think so. You'll have to let me know what you think.


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