Our Winter Holiday

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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We had a wonderful week at the snow. I relished in the chance to test my Revelstoke skiing skills at Mt Buller. Mt Buller is a beginners mountain, with much easier terrain than Revelstoke. I even skied a few blue runs! Lulu liked the snow for,,,,, about a minute. Each time she was excited to touch it or play outside and then after a few minutes she'd realise the snow was so, so cold and she'd cry. It did mean that we didn't have to spend endless hours pushing her on the toboggan. There'll be many more years ahead for that.

What the fun photos don't show is that we had a teething baby all week. This tooth affected her much differently from the last teeth. Maybe because she wasn't at home it was more unsettling for her? But anyway she vomited everyday, in the morning at breakfast and every night, either before she went to bed or later on. At first I thought it was the different food she was eating and we cut back the breakfast food to basic wheat-bix and it still happened with that. The little tooth poking through mid-week was a dead giveaway to the cause of the spew. Lulu, to her credit, did not spew at all at daycare & remained well and happy during the hours she was in care and pretty much all the time, nothing seems to phase that kid. She'd vomit then go right back to trying to charm the other guests. The hotel staff were wonderful, pretending that they didn't mind that my kid had just vomited at breakfast/dinner. We cleaned everything up though, can't really leave that to the wait staff can we? Well, I couldn't. I also could have done without having to wash spewy clothes in the bathroom sink but the tooth didn't know we're on holidays. How many of those teeth are left to come?

Despite the spew we did have an awesome time at the snow. A chance for Nick & I to do something we love together & for Lulu to be introduced to the snow. She even learnt how to use the magic carpet at daycare, she'll be a skiing champ before we know it!

Next week I'll post about some of our Mt Buller favourites....


  1. gahhhhhhh I want SNOW. looks amazing!!

    1. We were so lucky that week, this season has been terrible. Hopefully you'll get a little more than Australia's had!

  2. Awesome!! Looks like an amazing week away. Shame about the spew though. Poor Lulu! xo

  3. Hi Alli. Great. I will be going there in June and what a coincidence! Will be staying at the same hotel. Looking forward to enjoy the snow and keeping daily tabs on temperature on the mountain in case it is not cold enough.


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