Art, Voting and Sausages

Monday, September 9, 2013

 photo Desert-Mob_zpse205f930.jpg
 photo fete_zpsf8cf2ba4.jpg photo house-vote_zps5bad14e5.jpg photo lulu-vote_zpse78fdba3.jpg photo sausage_zpsee18185d.jpg

1. Desert Mob Market Place - Central Australian art centres selling affordable Aboriginal art to the public. Many, many great pieces & a chance to meet the artists. The first photo shows the crowds waiting to go in. After saying we were only going 'for a look', Lulu & I picked up a few baskets, a necklace and a painting! 
2. Post Desert Mob Lulu & I stopped by the Ross Park Primary School fair. I had forgotten how much kids love balloons! This pic was snapped on our way home.
3. Voting - This house had the largest banner of this ad, it really was quite confronting. Unfortunaltely he did win.
4. We voted - Lulu was not happy just to hold the how to vote cards, desperately wanting a crack at the voting paper. Only 17 years till she can vote.
5. Post voting mandatory sausage sizzle - at most polling places in Australia community groups will have a fund raising sausage sizzle. It's become an essential part of the voting process and potentially devastating if your polling place doesn't have one. So much so that someone has created a website called election day sausage sizzle. You can put in your postcode and find the nearest sausage sizzle to you!

How was your weekend?

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  1. How sweet are those little cheeks?
    Have a beautiful week.

  2. I adore baby sweetness. Those sausage sizzles get around on the weekends. We often find ourselves at a stall outside our local Masters/Bunnings on a Saturday - the kids beg to go get their sausage. A cheap adventure for the kids for sure. xx

  3. Those cheeks pink and flushed just gorgeous.

  4. I looked a bit harder and saw that you are in Alice! (I replied on my blog) I've heard about these art sales, wish we had been in town for that! Looks like we missed out on voting day fun (cupcakes! hot dogs!) by getting ours done the day before. Cutie faced little one up there ^ xx


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