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Friday, September 20, 2013

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I have been pretty hesitant in the past about ordering clothes on line. Being only five foot with hips, I find it hard to find clothes in store that fit me, let alone taking the online gamble. The thought of having to return items makes my head spin. So it was surprising to even me that I ended up ordered a few dresses from the asos end of summer sales when I happened to randomly click on a link to their sale.

I made myself stick to a few rules:
1. I took measurements & checked the sizing against my measurements - a simple suggestion, but I usually just gamble, oh yes of course I'm a small, when actually I'm not or the opposite, I get a size too big.
2. I stuck to styles that I know suit me - nothing tight fitting around the hips, no long dresses, no drop waists.
3. I stuck to colours I wear often. No 'this purple dress looks awesome' when I never wear purple.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved each dress AND they all fit well! Win Win. Have you ever bought clothes online? Do you have any rules? I'd love to hear yours.

The dress is still on sale, you can get it here.


  1. Like you im 5ft, and since having Rio im 5ft with hips..clothes shopping has become such a pain..i even work in a clothes shop and advise people all day but when it comes to me im clueless! Recently actually found a jumpsuit that suits me :O The dress does look lovely on btw xx

  2. oh wow, a jumpsuit, that's great. I've been way too afraid to try on jumpsuits!

  3. Since having Alice, I hardly ever go into a store to shop because her tolerance for the finding of clothes is ridiculously low. So online shopping is my go-to. But I try to order clothes from stores that I can return to an actual store rather than deal with returning it via mail. Such a hassle. Cute dress!

    1. Being able to return to the store would be great. ASOS at least had printed stickers with the return label on them, making it much easier. It is such a hassle returning goods. I bought a pair of boots last year & they didn't fit. Cost a fortune to return! Agh!

  4. I love online shopping- thanks to being a 'rural' gal! My rules in general for fashion nowadays are loose and flowy so that makes it safe to order most things that fit that description! Xx

  5. I practically ONLY order clothing online these days! I follow the same rules you do- taking measurements and paying attention to the model's measurements has been super helpful. Plus, I find that ordering online forces me to comparison-shop and helps me avoid impulse-buys. Staying away from malls has been the best decision I've made when it comes to buying clothing over the past year or so.


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