Frockin' up - Saturday House Warming

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Last Saturday we were invited to a house warming party of a couple Nick had met through bike riding. The invite was a little quirky, requesting that we leave our car at home & ride our bikes or take a taxi. When I saw the address it twigged that I had seen their house plans when they were submitted to Planning for approval way back in 2010! The plans had caught my eye way back then because they had included a bike wash. Imagine a space to wash your bike when you come home from a dusty mountain bike ride?! The house itself was to be pretty cool, designed in a u-shape around a central courtyard.

The event didn't sound like something we could bring Lulu to so we asked Nick's mum to baby sit but she was invited as well, so we asked our friend but she was busy & for a while it looked like I'd need to stay home with Lulu, but at the last minute Nick's mum decided not to go & looked after Lulu for us,  lucky us! I dry shampooed my hair, chucked on this new Alice McCall top, jeans & my birkenstocks & I was ready to ride my bike to the event. Excuse the dirty mirror snap of my outfit.

 photo Alice-McCall_zps4f88e76f.jpg
It was lovely riding our bikes our to the party at sunset. I miss riding my bike, but am a little scared at the prospect of having Lulu in a baby seat on my bike. I just don't think I have the confidence to ride with her. As for the house? The house was even better than the plans had alluded to. 

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  1. Super cute outfit. And what a cool idea to ask guests not to drive! We have a bike share in SLC and they have a hub outside our building.... I should do that next time we have a party (if we ever get our space finished, that is). ;-)


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