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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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A little tv update for you. We’ve currently been stuck into House of Cards. If you can get part the horrific opening scene (which leaves all to the imagination but leaves you sickened) the show is quite brilliant. It’s about the House Majority Whip, his wife, a young journalist he has convinced to do his bidding and a congressman he now ‘owns’. The show is ruthless. These people pull out all stops to get what they want. For the most part, the characters are cleaver, smart and one step ahead of you. 

As a light alternative, we’ve also been watching Veep, which is based on the British show The Thick of It (we’re yet to see this, but a friend tells us it’s good). Veep shows a very different White House, also filled with people who are in it for themselves, but in this case, you just can’t see why they have been elected in the first place. The show is quite funny, with some great one liners, especially in the second season. 

And I love Tony Hale (Job from Arrested Development) as Gary Walsh, the Veep’s bag man. His job is to carry the Veep's personal stuff and tell her who she's talking to. Remember in The Devil Wears Prada where the PA has to memorise who all the guests are and anecdotes about each one for the Met Ball so she can whisper hints into Anna's ear? Well, that's Gary's day job, except that sometimes he's not too subtle about it. Nick on the otherhand, thinks Gary is the most annoying character on tv. Have you seen Veep? What’s your opinion on Gary? The video below is a mash up of memorable Gary moments from Season 1, enjoy!


  1. Tony Hale played Buster in Arrested Development, it was Will Arnett that played the part of Job (*Gob*)

    1. Thanks for the correction Anonymous. I always confuse the names in my head, does that ever happen to you? :)


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