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Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Lulu has discovered drawing. It is now her favourite activity and it is so great that there is now an activity she asks to do. She usually sits up in our office chair at our desk and colours there, but yesterday she found a pen & decided that maybe her Dad's computer would be the best surface to draw on! Agh the days of finding random things drawn on has begun. All pens will now be kept out of reach .

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:
Ronnie hasn't purchased new clothes in 2 years! Two years?! Read about how she has refined her wardrobe over at her blog Pink Ronnie.
Reading Joy's blog, Oh Joy, this week I found this post from a few months ago about her Toddler Essentials, including a list of things she uses to keep her toddler occupied at a restaurant.
This colourful house on SF Girl By the Bay, I just love the floor tiles!

As for this week's exercise stats? I had a pretty slack week. I did Level 1 of Gillian Michaels Killer buns and Thighs early Tuesday morning & I made it to Play Fit on Friday. There was nothing 'play' about, my legs and shoulders are killing me as I type this!

Have a great weekend & I'll catch you Monday xx

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  1. I bought Alice her first set of crayons a week ago but so far, she isn't too into them. I can't wait till we can color together (I still love doing it...).

    And I'd love to try not buying any clothes for two years! Just think how much money she must be saving!

    Happy weekend!


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