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Saturday, October 5, 2013

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And suddenly it's the weekend again! Are you planning much? We have no plans, aside from Nick working Saturday morning. We're thinking of hitting up the town pool for a bit of a splash Saturday afternoon, but other than that the weekend's an open slate.

Catching my eye on the internet this week:
A timely post about embracing the early morning wake-ups on Bleubird Vintage - Lulu has been awake at 10 past 6 each morning for the past week, I fear we might be heading to the 5:30am summer wake ups like last year.

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet shares how she transitioned her toddler to a big kid bed.

Playful Learning tells about the art of toy rotation - something I have been totally slack on lately. This article kicked me into gear & I have rotated some out to a cupboard Lulu cant get to & put others away in a cupboard she can open but doesn't remember about it too often. I feel calmer walking into her room now and am sure she must feel better too. Make sure you scroll through the comments, there's a really helpful comment from Ellen on her girls toys. 


  1. Alice is on the 6:10AM wake-up, too, regardless of what time she goes to bed. Her little body is completely programmed to wake up and get us up, too. Hopefully us going into winter and darker mornings will rest her internal clock till at least past 7AM!

    1. Winter helps for sure! Lulu slept till past 7 a few days in winter!


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