Missing letterboxes, lions and teddies

Monday, October 14, 2013

 photo missing-letterbox_zps3faf1bd9.jpg photo groceries_zps65a39238.jpg photo 1_zpsd1248ea0.jpg photo lion-coffee_zps105e019d.jpg photo walking_zpsddb9acc0.jpg photo letterbox-returned_zpsff8336e6.jpg
1. Sunday morning we found that our letterbox had been stolen!
2. Saturday morning grocery delivery
3. Sunday morning cookies
4. Friday morning coffee
5. Lulu & her 'te'
6. The letterbox returned - a guy from down the road said he found it in his son's ute. He swears the son was with him all night & that some random kids put it in the ute which was parked on the street. It sounds a little dodgy but we have no real reason not to believe him. The box is broken & will need replacing. I never really liked it, it came with the house, but on my list of things to change around here, it was at the bottom. And yes, our house is painted pink, hence the reason why changing the mail box was much lower on our list of cares.

Hope your weekend saw your letterbox still standing!


  1. Who steals a mailbox?! And I agree. The story sounds a little fishy.

    That latte! I had to look twice to see the lion. How cool. And those cookies? They look delicious. Special recipe?

    1. The recipe comes from a cookbook that mum used for my brother & I when we were Lulu's age called 'cooking for your baby the natural way'. They're just oatmeal, honey, milk, butter & whole wheat flour. I'll post the recipe soon x


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