Aspiration Update

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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This hospital visit was characterised by a lot of waiting, late nights & toddler distractions. Lulu had to fast for her procedure, which meant no food or liquids from 7am. Her procedure was scheduled for 1pm but it was pushed back to 3:30 requiring an extra two hours of distractions before they finally took us to the aptly named 'holding area'. This was filled with toys & if only we had been able to come here a little earlier, the wait might not have been so bad!

The doctors were not able to find any anatomical reason as to why Lulu is aspirating. We need to continue with the thickened fluids and they'll reassess in a few months time. She'll be on oral antibiotics for the next four weeks and in the meantime we'll need to keep her away from kids with colds to help her lungs heal. We're back at home now and if it wasn't for the continued reminder of thickened fluids, it would all seem like a bad dream. Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes, it has meant a lot to us x

You can read about our last two hospital visits here and here.

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  1. Wow. I can't imagine how I'd keep a hungry Alice entertained. You are truly a super-mom. I'm glad you are all home and hopefully answers will come soon. XO.


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