Our Christmas Day

Friday, December 27, 2013

 photo Christmas-Tree-1_zps4b8e7495.jpg photo Christmas-Tree-2_zps5488355a.jpg photo kitchen_zpsdf95479e.jpg photo Presents_zps22810da1.jpg
Our Christmas day started at our place after 7am. We both took Lulu to the lounge room to see the tree, which we had put the tree up the night before, after she'd gone to bed. Lulu was very excited about it 'pooh', she said with her hands out, until she spotted her new kitchen. It was love at first sight. She had to put her chef hat and apron (a 1st birthday present from a friend of ours) and cook us breakfast. She played happily for about half an hour while we made coffee and ate cookies! Win Win! Then we tackled the rest of the presents, with Lulu handing them out & helping us unwrap ours.
 photo presents-grandmas_zps3a3b5d8c.jpgAfter presents we headed to Nick's Mum's place for brunch (ham & cheese croissants & champagne, of course!) and a few more presents, Lulu somehow knowing exactly which present is hers!
 photo diannes_zps72e403ba.jpg photo desert_zpsf3ea7d64.jpg
Christmas lunch was spent with family friends, at their place, joining two small families into a larger family group. With pork, ham & turkey, a prawn cocktail starter & this glorious desert, we certainly didn't go hungry. Late afternoon tiredness set in quite quickly after desert & we were home with Lulu in bed just after 6. After such a busy, stressful November & December, I'm looking forward to just chilling out over the next week or so. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I will be back here in this little space in the New Year xx


  1. Your Christmas tree looks lovely and that dessert looks delicious! Happy holidays! :)

    1. It certainly was delicious! Happy Holidays to you too x

  2. Gorgeous tree and your Christmas looks like it was lovely. May 2014 be a better year!


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