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Saturday, March 30, 2013

 photo easter-egg_zpsf393b83c.jpg
With Nick's mum away this weekend, Easter came a little early for us. His mum had put together this great big bucket filled with  a few easter eggs, as well as corriander, parsley, rocket and chilli for us to plant! What a fabulous idea. We loved it. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Easter weekend.

To compliment the easy composting guide I posted yesterday, this weeks links are all about homemadie/DIY green products:

10x10x10 Green & Thrifty cleaning products via Living Well Spending less

Homemade body scrub via Could I have that - I love this scrub so much I even gave it to friends for Christmas presents one year!

This detox bath sounds devine, I have to try it! via Emily & Katie's Pencil Box 

Easy Composting

Friday, March 29, 2013

 photo Food-Scraps_zpsadec15b0.jpg

We've started composting and it turns out that composting is easy. I wish we'd started earlier. All you need is:

1. A bucket/container to collect your kitchen scraps - I suggest you make this small so you empty it more often. They start to smell if left too long.

2. A larger composting bin outside to collect the kitchen scraps and lawn clippings/garden clippings. You can get a big bin like ours from any hardware store.

3. A large garden fork or shovel to turn the mixture
It's that easy.

They say not to add meat or dairy, bread or cake to the compost, but you can add vacuum cleaner dust and moist newspapers. I also keep some of the coffee grounds separate to add to the herb garden weekly. As with most babies, a lot of what we feed Lulu ends up on the floor, so now it can go to help our garden.

You can find out more about composting here.

 photo Compost_zps958a4f9b.jpg

Easy Chicken Soup

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 photo soup_zpse5820055.jpg
For a few days last week I really wasn't well. Not 'I'm going to die' sick, more 'I'm so tired & achy I could sleep for a year' sick. I slept most of Thursday while Lulu was at daycare and then Friday afternoon both Lulu & I slept for nearly 3 hours - she is good to me!

Thursday night I was craving something a little more healthy than the Jatz and Ginger Ale I'd been eating all day. 'Chicken' soup, I say 'chicken' because although I use chicken stock, it only has vegetables in it, is my staple sick food. I love it. But living away from your mum means that you have to get really good at making it, even when your sick. Here is my quick go to recipe:

2 litres of Chicken stock
2 sticks of celery
2 medium size potatoes
1 carrot
1 zucchini
1 swede
1 parsnip
1/2 an onion
2 cloves of garlic

Chop all the veggies into large chunks. Cook the onion on low until soft while you are chopping the other veggies. Add the garlic, then when the garlic is starting to soften, add the chicken stock and the rest of the veggies. Bring to the boil then cook on medium/low for about an hour. When the veggies are soft, blend with a food processor or stick blender. Serve with a few pieces of crusty bread. 

Wild, Busy, New

Sunday, March 24, 2013

 photo 1_zps5eb95c56.jpg photo 2_zps0ff185d2.jpg photo 3_zps100eabda.jpg photo 4_zpsa222bdc2.jpg
1. New Real Living mag (with a wild cover) to read on a Saturday afternoon.
2. New dress to wear to glam up a Saturday night dinner at a mate's place. 
3. Keeping busy Sunday morning.
4. Gelato for a hot Sunday afternoon.

How was your weekend?

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Weekend Link Love

Saturday, March 23, 2013

 photo Cactus-flower_zpse7a96130.jpg
Isn't this cactus flower gorgeous? It's in the front yard of the house at the very end of our street. The yard is over ground with succulents and cacti and the house is this cute, old house made of tin. Some may consider it an eye sore but I think it's beautiful. 

Posts you made have missed:
Lulu's started playing dress-ups
It's the last weekend to vote in the Bonds Baby Search!

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:
Awesome idea for teaching kids consequences by The Beetle Shack 
Great tips on how to get ready for work quickly by Styling You 
10 of the best tinted moisturizers and BB Creams by Natalie 

I'll miss you Liz Lemon

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 photo IMG_0208_zps8e3a6400.jpg
30 Rock is no more. We accidentally ended up watching the final episode without any fanfare last week. Who ends a series on episode 13 when the series usually has 22? We were not expecting it to end so suddenly but in episode 12 when a few crazy events started to happen, it dawned on us that maybe, just maybe, this is the last few episodes. I was waiting for it to 'all be a dream' as it wasn't quite how I thought the series would end. But then is there ever a series that ends just how you want it to? 

Seriously though, Liz Lemon is my spirit animal. Never have I felt like a TV character so fully embodies who I am than her. I shall miss her so.

Sweet Peas, Music and Dirt

Monday, March 18, 2013

 photo 1_zps254dfd2b.jpg photo 2_zpse41d1603.jpg photo 3_zpsbae0075b.jpg photo 4_zpse8babbf9.jpg photo 5_zps63060b2d.jpg
1. Lulu napping in the cot for the first time. Took an hour of her chatting & tossing her stuffed animals out of the cot before she finally succumbed to sleep.
2. Planting sweet peas. Apparently it is a tradition to plant sweet peas on St Patricks Day. My Pa always planted them, so I want to start this tradition too. I don't normally have success planting anything from seed, so we'll see how it goes.
3. Our little family brunch in town. Nick snapped this photo of me post brunch. 
4. The first Alice Springs Courtyard Session of the year. This year it's moved to Olive Pink Botanical Gardens. It was lovely listening to Irish folk music in such a beautiful location. 
5. Playing in the dirt.

That was our Sunday. Saturday was super busy with exercise, painting, gardening & then a friend's 30th birthday dinner. Too busy to stop & take photos. How was your weekend?

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Alice Springs Mountain Bike Trails Video

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flow Mountain Bike at Alice Springs from Flow Mountain Bike on Vimeo.

Flow Mountain Bike magazine filmed some of the trails that Nick rides regularly. They look spectacular. We are so lucky to live in a place so beautiful. 

As for my exercise lately? You will be happy to know that I have been exercising 6 days a week as per the 12WBT program. I have increased the session time & with my heart rate monitor I am ensuring that I burn at least 300 calories per session. 

A mum & bubs group meet in the park opposite my house each Friday and I joined the group last week. It is so much fun & with the others there to egg you on, you really work so much harder. The babies & toddlers all play together and the trainer helps out with them if they get cranky. I encourage you to find a group in your area & join in. It is much easier to find time to exercise when you can take the baby with you.

Frockin' up - Mum & Bub

Friday, March 15, 2013

 photo board_zpsb7619e2a.jpg photo back_zpsf07c6e6c.jpg
I chose this outfit to wear to a birthday party of one of Lulu's friends. This top really needs to be worn with either a great bra underneath or a tight singlet. I went with the singlet option seeing as I was wearing it to a kids birthday party. The singlet ended up being a big mistake. The day was so hot and muggy that by the time I was ready I was so sweaty I had to change my top. I ended up with a black oversize singlet top by IDs instead. 

Lulu would not sit still for a photo. Here is what she wore.  photo Lulu_zpsb82d46bb.jpg

Playing dress-up

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

 photo Lulu-pearls_zpse2faf90c.jpg

The other day I caught Lulu trying on my shoes! She had pulled out a strand of fake pearls from my costume jewellery bag and then crawled to the shoes & started trying to fit her feet into them. It really is the cutest thing. I thought it would be another few months before Lulu started playing dress-up but nope, it's already begun. 

What obsession has your child picked up lately? Lulu loves with putting on long necklaces and crawling around the house in them. That process of putting something over her head just fascinates her.

Ps Ballet and Sesame Street & Frockin' Up - Fairy Wings

Umbrellas, Water & Cheese

Monday, March 11, 2013

 photo 4_zps9f95df08.jpg photo 2_zps5f3d1b74.jpg photo 3_zps63ea3000.jpg photo 5_zps79460f67.jpg
1. Umbrella in the pool. It takes the smallest gust of wind for this to happen.
2. Water play at a 1st birthday party.
3. Sunday brunch - Huevos Rancheros & a baby cino.
4. Sunday afternoon tea
We managed the right mix of 'getting stuff done' & relaxing. How was your weekend? 

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It's the weekend!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

 photo tub_zps2230c24e.jpg
It's the weekend! Put your feet up & enjoy it. I have to admit I've spent the best part of this last week feeling a little blah, but the last few nights & today especially have put me back in a good mood. Maybe my new exercise class (more on that soon), dinner with my husband Wednesday night (sans baby!) and a catch up with friends last night (the baby slept the whole time, yay!) has had something to do with rightening my mood. How are you travelling? Hope all is a ok. 

And catching my eye on the interwebs this week:
Ideas from SF Girl by the Bay for being green
This colourful house. Scroll through for the best little girl's room!
And of course this cute bub. Go on, vote for her now, I know you want to...


Thursday, March 7, 2013

 photo spider_zpsc793deb4.jpg

So last night after I'd washed my face, I was sitting on the edge of the bath putting cream on my feet when I felt something land on my arm. I looked down and saw a daddy long legs spider. I flicked it off into the bath and felt a tiny (or mighty) bit relieved that I am not afraid of spiders. 

Are you afraid of spiders? Or anything else? I'm actually, wierdly enough, afraid of chickens!

Bonds Baby Search 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

 photo lulu-bonds_zpse81649b6.jpg

We are big lovers of Bonds in our house and so we decided to enter Lulu in the Bonds Baby Search 2013. Bonds is a great Aussie company that makes funky baby clothes that wash well and are easy to wear. We love Bonds and we'd love it if you could vote for Luella B in the Bonds Baby Search. Click here to vote. Thanks so much xx

The herb garden

Monday, March 4, 2013

 photo 95D3FBFD-17CA-43DC-997C-64C5A23EEE2B-2802-0000016DA04B10B9_zps7325c82c.jpg
Ok, I have to be super honest with you, everything I planted in the herb garden last spring died over the long hot summer, except the basil and the mint. The coriander died about a month in when we hit the first day over 38C but the parsley kicked on until Christmas. The mint hung in there just barely, every time I thought it was gone, a cool change came and it returned to a luscious green colour.  And the spring onion? Well, that never really took off.  Basil, however, seems to thrive in the heat and is still going strong. A few flowers have come out on it and I should have cut them off but a bee was busily enjoying the flowers and I didn't have the heart. I have since cut them off so the basil won't go to seed.

As for late summer/autumn planting? I'm trying the parsley (curly and flat leaf) and spring onion again. There wasn't any coriander at our garden shop so I'm going to assume that it is the wrong time of year for it. The local garden shop is great like that, only stocks herbs and veggies that it is the right time to plant. 

You may remember my resolution about being a little greener and using coffee grinds in the garden? Well, the coffee grind fertiliser seems to be working ok. I mix the coffee grinds with water and pour them onto the soil. When I water the garden each evening I check that there aren't any big clumps of coffee and if there are I break them down. That way water can still seep through the soil. The basil seems to be thriving on it.

How's your garden going? What are you planting at the moment? I'd love to hear any tips you have on gardening and what to plant for the coming winter.
 photo 1B9FF485-9123-4402-8007-A15E36E42BB7-2802-0000016D9AD247FC_zps161b9cba.jpg

In Lieu of Presents.....

Friday, March 1, 2013

 photo unicef_zps2457fa7b.jpg

For Lulu's first birthday last week, we asked that guests not bring presents, which may have seemed a little abrupt on the invite, but we love having parties and our friends have been so generous to us over the years, plus Lulu has been given so much already she honestly doesn't need for another thing. Many people respected this request, but some live to give & brought a gift anyway. 

Two of our friends came up with the best way to give a gift without giving a gift. They gave donations to UNICEF on Lulu's behalf. Instead of Lulu receiving a gift, 'she' gave 600 sachets of micro nutrient powder, three local language story books, 100 measles vaccines, 200 polio vaccines and 20 pencils and exercise books. 

I think this is a fabulous idea, one I'll be using for upcoming kids birthdays. As for Lulu's next birthday party, many years from now (I don't see the need to hold one again until she starts asking for a party), I'll add a note to the invite which says 'in lieu of gifts please donate to UNICEF'. 
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