Exercise Stats - Week 2

Sunday, January 12, 2014

 photo morning-run_zps33b26393.jpg
Spencer Hill on my Thursday morning run - I did not run up it, just admired from the ground!
Sunday - I did the exercises for day 5 of the Ab and Core Challenge.

Monday - Ab and Core Challenge exercises and this good morning yoga routine.

Tuesday - The Paula Radcliffe Marathon Prep workout and the Laura Enever Fierce workout from the Nike Training Club (each 15mins long) and the ab and core challenge, 270 calorie burn.

Wednesday - Ab and Core Challenge.

Thursday - Morning Run - 30 mins intervals of 3:30 running followed by 1 min power walk. Plus the Ab and Core Challenge. 240 calorie burn. I have to tell you the challenge is already starting to feel like a challenge and this is only day 9 (not to mention I started it at day 3!)

Friday - Nothing! Challenge fail.

Saturday - Ab and Core Challenge. I updated the Nike Training Club App on Friday and found that it now has exercise programs. You tell it what you want to achieve and it comes up with a 4 week exercise program to help you reach your goal. I chose the beginner get strong program, which I'll follow for the next 4 weeks. Today's workout was a 30 min muscle definer. I burned 200 calories and used 2kg hand weights.


  1. I love the Nike Training Club, especially when I'm traveling as I sometimes have the hardest time coming up with workouts on my own. I'll have to try that exercise program part for my last week here before we go home and I return to CrossFit. Good job on your stats!

    1. I didn't realise that when you chose a program you have to start it that day, so make sure you only start it the day you're going to begin the program otherwise it looks like you skipped the first workout.


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