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Thursday, January 2, 2014

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The aftermath of our party poppers at our quiet New Years Eve BBQ
It's that time of year when we look back at our resolutions from last year, reflect on our achievements and look at what we are going to do differently this year. Looking back at my previous resolutionsI have to admit that the cleaning schedule fell off the rails fairly quickly. I'd like to pick that up again, but I think I prefer the feeling of having a whole clean house, rather than bits and pieces each day. Though every three days bathroom cleaning does wonders so maybe that might work for this year? I made time to exercise (not every day, but most days), made time for Nick to exercise, spent quality playtime with Lulu & we achieved our green goals of recycling the alcohol bottles & composting. All in all, it was a fairly achievable list.

This years list touches the three big ones, health, wealth & well being...

1. Consolidation - Since having a regular decent wage again, something we haven't had since we left Alice Springs for Melbourne in 2006, we have been a little indulgent. This has resulted in not a lot of savings. The first half of this year will be about saving. Consolidation. Luckily we do have a few weddings to attend which will get us a mini-break or two! But other than that, it's save, save, save.

2. Exercise - I'm going to exercise at least three times a week. I feel so much better about myself & life in general if I exercise, so I just have to do it. I think three times a week is much more achievable than every day, but it is a minimum amount. I can do more. I'll also keep you posted each week about how I'm going.

3. Movies - watch more movies. I'd like to think that since Lulu was born there hasn't been any good movies released, but I know that isn't true & we've just missed them. This year we'd like to watch more movies. This requires effort. It means starting the movie before 8:30 so we can finish it at our insanely early 'I'm a parent of a child who wakes up before 6:30am' bedtime. It means finding out what good movies are out there because as soon as they get on iTunes they get lost in a sea of crap. One extremely lazy way of finding out what's coming is that we have switched our Apple Tv screen saver to the movie posters for upcoming movies. I've already seen a bunch of posters of movies I'd like to see. Now to remember them when they're out on iTunes...

4. Date Night - Have a regular fortnightly date night/afternoon. Time for Nick & I to hang out without distractions of cooking/dishes/computers/bikes.

5. Blog - I love blogging, it really has become my hobby and this year I'd like to blog a little more & work on the skills I learnt over a year ago now at Blogshop, take better photos and connect more with people through blogging. I tend to read a lot of blogs, but not engage. This year I want to engage more.

6. Connect more with friends - This year I aim to catch up more with my friends, friends who live here & friends who don't. Reading what someone is up to on Facebook is not catching up, a phone call or a coffee/pub date is catching up. I need to do more of this. If I learnt anything from starting a mother's group, it's that things only happen if you organise them, so I'm going to organise more catch ups. I also want to organise more play dates for Lulu so form her friendships as she enters the play date age group.

7. Photo library - I'm going to stay on top of my photo library. By that I mean deleting all blurry shots as they come off the camera, deleting all shots where you've take ten of the same thing and keep just the one good one etc. I have spent the last week doing this for 5 years worth of photos. That's over 4000 deleted photos. I do not want to let this get out of hand again.

8. Complete our renovations - Yes this relies on other people (we're not doing the renos ourselves), but we have not been on top of following up other people. Life gets in the way. We get busy, tired, slack and we forget, but if we want the renos completed then we need to get on top of it.

Do you make resolutions? I never used to, last year was the first time and I liked how they gave a bit of purpose & direction to the year. Hears to a new year! A clean shiny slate to make our own.

I'll leave you with this cute flipagram I made of our highlights of 2013:


  1. If you want to stay on top of what films to watch you should be checking out my Twitter. I'm also going to get back into doing the full reviews soon on my blog... Stay tuned.

    Otherwise, last year's 9 must-watch films are:

    Gravity - of course.
    Frances Ha - you will love, love, love her.
    Upstream Color - you will be intrigued, beguiled and other things.
    American Hustle - a bit long, but very pretty, and unexpectedly funny.
    Filth - an Irvine Welsh adaptation, there will be depravity.
    Before Midnight - bliss.
    The Way Way Back - feel-good, coming-of-age sweetness.
    This Is The End - the best Hollywood comedy I've seen in years.
    Mud - another coming-of-age film that blew me away.

    1. Thanks for the awesome list Alex! We'll make it our mission to watch each one. I miss your movie review blog, please bring it back xx

  2. I'd also like to see more movies and maybe tie it into more regular date nights. I might borrow that one from you as I am finalizing my resolutions at this very moment.

    And I'd love to see more blogging from you this year! XOX.

    1. Of course you can borrow that one :) and thank you for the lovely compliment xx

  3. Love the flip-thingo! So true about Facebook - while it has its uses certainly isn't quality time. Hope 2014 brings lots of date nights, movies and fun xx


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