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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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For the past year I have been working three days a week, Tuesday to Thursday. Lulu goes to daycare for two of the days and to her Grandma's for one day. Things have worked well. On Mondays we'd go to Mum & Bub cross fit and on Fridays we'd go to Play fit or for coffee with the Mum's group, then we'd pick out something from the toy library in the afternoon. But I think with the onset of the summer holidays after an intense hospital stay, I find that my ability to organise activities and keep Lulu engaged 24/7 is waining. By the weekend I'm desperate for Nick to take over, but he works most Saturdays and then his hobby, mountain bike riding, takes him away from the house for a few hours most Sundays, then by Monday it's back to solo me & Lulu. It's too hot to play outside or go to the park and our good friends have their kids in daycare on Mondays so no playdates. A grumpy mum and wife is no fun for anyone.

This has been a little hard to admit, I feel a little like I've failed at the stay at home mum thing. I really admire the full-time stay at home mums who organise activities and just seem to thoroughly enjoy being home with their kids, but it is not for me. I like going to work. I don't feel guilty being at work*. I know Lulu is having fun at daycare (she yells 'yay' every time i drop her off). So I have asked work if I can take on an extra day, Fridays. They've said yes & the daycare has space so I'm starting a four day week today. This way Saturday is my first day home with Lulu, all fresh for the weekend with activities. Here's to better mental health for all of us.

*ok so now that I admit that I am working because I can't hack it at home, I do feel a little guilty. But the feminist in me knows I shouldn't. No one expects Dads to stay home with the kids all week,  so why can't Mums work too? It's the expectation that you're supposed to be home with them that adds on that guilt. 


  1. gah! i have such thoughts about this. then the baby starts crying down the hall. need to do what makes you happy to make your baby happy. make sense?! ditch the guilt. am sure she adores you no matter what! x

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