Bikes, Quesadillas & Pools

Monday, February 3, 2014

 photo bike_zps0e81e106.jpg photo Buritto_zps9026703a.jpg photo walking_zps41389715.jpg photo pool_zpsd2bf294c.jpg
1. Fixing her bike like Daddy - unfortunately I can't show the photos of her actually fixing the bike as she was nude, but you can rest assured that they were very cute photos!
2. Brunch egg and salami Quesadillas
3. Walking home from an early dinner out with friends at Casa Nostra
4. Sunday afternoon swimming

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  1. The pool looks so inviting and with all this hot weather that's been around I'm sure it's getting a work out. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. For sure! We are so lucky to have a pool to make the heat a little more bearable x

  2. Alice loves to help her Dad 'fix' things... I'm sure once winter ends and we get the bikes back out for the season, she'll love helping him tune them up for riding. And that pool! Gorgeous.

  3. a brunch quesidilla?! pure brilliance!! x


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