Exercise Stats Week 5

Sunday, February 2, 2014

 photo Week-5_zps271c90ac.jpg
ANZAC Hill early Friday morning
Sunday - rest day (Doesn't 'rest day' sound so much better than saying 'I did nothing'?)

Monday - 15min Sculpted Arms Nike Training Club workout plus 80 sit ups and 95 squats.

Tuesday - was supposed to go for a run but ended up just doing 80 sit ups, 95 squats and 20 push ups plus some stretches in our lounge room in my pjs. Seriously, working out is way easier in your lounge room, in your pjs. Am thinking of putting together a lounge room pj workout challenge.

Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - rest day

Friday - run - 3.28km 210 calorie burn.

Saturday - rest day

Am not really sure whether or not the above counts as exercising more than last week, but it feels like it does.


  1. Yes, 'rest day' sounds way better than 'I did nothing' which is why I say it!! Good for you to motivate at home. I have THE HARDEST time committing to working out when the couch/iphone/computer/TV/toddler are there to distract me. Better for me to get out and RUN or CROSSFIT!

    1. You must be where I got the saying from! The hardest for me is getting out of bed, once I'm out I can focus on the workout. I find that there is too much of a time commitment to leave the house & go to a class - how slack is that?!


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