Thursday, February 20, 2014

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In the last week or so, Lulu has started answering 'okay' whenever I say we are going to do anything.

'I'm going to make porridge for breakfast' 'Okay' this little voice replies.

'Let's go build a tower in your room' 'Okay'.

It really is too cute.

Does your little one have a cute saying? I just love that she now has a way to show her approval (or disapproval) of what we're doing other than crying. She's growing up. Today she's two, can you believe it?! Two. It wasn't that long ago that she was this small & now we're having conversations.
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  1. Alice does the exact same thing! Her 'okay' as 'yes' cracks me up. Her little buddy, who is just a few months older does it, too. But where do they learn it?! So funny.

  2. Aaaaaaaah! And happy birthday, Lulu!! Two years! So grown up.


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