Frockin Up - Messy Saturday

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunday is normally our washing day, so Sunday before last, when it started raining there was washing on the line to get wet. Plus we couldn't do the other loads planned for that day (we don't have a clothes dryer & even if we did, for some reason most Aussie clothes end up shrinking in the dryer - it just isn't worth it). Last weekend ended up being a giant washing weekend. I hate doing the washing, but since Nick was painting the downstairs of my unit, I felt that I should take on the task. And what would help the day go faster? Bat wings my friends.
 photo Bat-Wings_zps4db1b2d7.jpg
I wore:
Bat wing cape by Minty Meets Munt
Singlet by Cotton On
Legging by Cotton On
Shoes by Birkenstock
 photo saturday-casual_zpsc03928b6.jpg
Just some of our gigantic washing pile - clean on bed, dirty on floor...
 photo mess_zpsf13c2d1b.jpg


  1. Alli, I love your outfit here... especially the Birkenstocks. My how far those have come since the early nineties! Have you had yours long? I hear they hold up quite well and I'm tempted to finally get a pair after I trash my sandals every single year from so much walking. Also, do you know the style of your pair? I really like them!

    1. Thanks Lauren. Birkenstocks are the best. I've had these since 2011 & we live in a place that is 80% summer so they just go & go. The style is Arizona Birkenstocks - soooo comfy!

  2. Love the Zebra top! Isn't Cotton On just the best!? :)


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