Icy Poles

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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With Lulu's aspiration, she can't have icy poles. The ice goes to liquid when it melts and then slides into her lungs when she swallows (she also can't have ice cream, oranges or watermelon). I remember as a kid that my mum made us icy poles with what are now called Tuppercare Lollitubs. You fill the container with your own liquids and then freeze them. The lids for the tubs become the 'stick' to hold onto. These may be the solution for the non-icy pole stance. If we could freeze liquids with her thickener mixed in then the liquid of the melting ice wouldn't be so thin. I happened to be at a Tupperware party about a month ago and ordered some.

To make the icy poles I juiced a few oranges, then watered the juice down and poured it into a measuring jug so I could add the amount of thickener Lulu needs. Then popped the icy poles into the freezer. The next day Lulu had her first icy pole and loved it. I think the liquid was still a little thin for her so next time I'll have to let them sit a little longer before freezing, but other than that, they were a win!

Do you make icy poles for your kids? I think these would also be good with banana and berry smoothies frozen in them.


  1. I have always said I would do these for the kids and everytime I see the containers to make them, I think "next time".....really need to actually do them instead of thinking about them, as they would be so much better than anything store bought.


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