Just a Minute in April

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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reading - Finally finished the magazines I purchased in February and picked up a copy of the latest House and Garden. And yes, am still reading Bridget Jones, as mentioned last month!

watching - The Mindy Project - am so glad it's back!

listening - to the rain as I write this on Sunday afternoon

making - more icy poles - the kid can't get enough!

eating - hot cross buns. Now that it's April I've given in and purchased hot cross buns, which seemed to be in the supermarkets the week after Christmas. Too soon then, but now it's time.

happy - that the countdown to our holidays is on & the countdown period includes Easter. I really really really need a break.

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  1. reading - not blogs! My upgrade to Maverick deleted all my RSS feeds. Instead I've been reading work stuff.

    watching - horror films. The Thing. Spooky.

    listening - New Order

    making - negronis

    eating - coffee

    happy - that today was sunny

    1. Oh no - reading work suff doesn't sound nearly as much fun as blogs! I'm very impressed though that you are watching horror films, you must be tough - I get way too scared, I can't watch them x


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