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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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While I haven't blogged about our renovations for a long time, plans are still ticking away in the background. A status update on all that is long overdue, but for now here is a little mood board I put together to show what we've decided on for the bathroom. We love the mustard mosaics for a feature strip. Grey floor tiles and then large white tiles on the rest of the walls. A recessed bath with a shower over to save room. We've been trying hard to jiggle the layout to fit two sinks, a toilet and a linen cupboard, but I think that the space is just too small & something's got to give. Would you give up a linen cupboard for an extra sink? I just don't think I'm prepared too. I've craving storage space in this small house of ours. 


  1. looking so good Alli! in response to your question, i think double sinks are a bit overrated, nice for a luxury but if you've got to forego something else to have them i don't think it's worth it. the way we looked at it was, how often are the two of us actually in the bathroom at the same time doing the type of things that would necessitate having two sinks (i mean... shaving? brushing your teeth? surely you can share)? storage on the other hand - you can never have enough! in my humble opinion! haha! xx

    1. Thanks Bec! The extra sink is actually a request from Nick. You would be surprised how often the three of us are squeezed into the bathroom of a morning to brush our teeth all at once. He would like a little more space at teeth brushing time, but I am, like you, all for the extra storage!!


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