Bones Season 9 Finale

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Did anyone catch the season finale of Bones Season 9? If you didn't and still want to watch it then please do not scroll any further. If you saw it or you do want a spoiler then keep reading.
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I normally am a little behind in watching Bones, mainly because their season finales have such a cliff hanger that I don't want to wait months before they air the next episode. I forgot about this a few weeks ago when I watched the season 9 finale and am now deeply regretting it. What an ending!

Booth suspects that something dodgy is gong on within the FBI and as he comes closer to the truth he becomes a target, ending in a spectacular shoot out at the home he shares with Bones. Bones and their daughter (Christine) had fled earlier to safety, but Bones was uncomfortable with that, figuring that she is certainly capable of taking on rogue FBI agents. Once Christine is safely with Bones' dad, Bones returns to help. The house is destroyed, Booth is shot and when in hospital he's placed under arrest. Cue end of episode!

I caught the season 10 trailer that they aired at Comic-Con and the season starts with Booth in jail, so who knows how long that will last. It is interesting to see how Booth reacts to being betrayed by the institution he believes in. I guess that as it is only by rouge elements and not the whole FBI goodness will prevail and he won't be in jail for long. What did you think? Did you catch the finale? Are you hanging out for September like me? I will certainly be watching as soon as I can!

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