Henbury Meteorite Craters

Friday, August 29, 2014

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The Henbury Meterorite Craters are on the road back from Kings Canyon (If you take the Ernest Giles Road) and we have never stopped there before, but Lulu was getting a little fidgety and we were a fair way from the next stop so we decided to pull in at the Craters and we were glad we did.

The reserve contains 12 craters which were formed when a meteor hit. The walk around the edge of the first crater is fairly easy, perfect for stretching your legs after driving. Lulu even walked some of it. Nick & I were both too tired & wanted to get home quickly so we didn't walk around the others. The flowers on the craters were beautiful. We were there late in the day so the lighting was just perfect. No need for photo editing filters!

You can also camp overnight there for a small fee that you drop into an honesty box. There is a long drop loo and a few campfire pits. A great location if you like to camp in peace and quiet. As I said, we didn't stay too long, but it was definitely worth pulling off the main road and taking a look.

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