Renovations Week 9

Friday, October 10, 2014

 photo Week-93_zps13d503bc.jpg
A few exciting things have happened this past week with the renovation that have me excited about the possibility that this renovation might end sometime soon!
The bathroom tiles are in.
The kitchen and laundry have arrived.
And we managed to get the cork off three of the walls in Lulu's room! We'll leave the last wall for a pin board.
It all seems to be coming together nicely. I am so ready to move in and not have to share a bedroom with a 2 year old. The feeling seems to be mutual. There were a few tears about her 'big room' over the weekend. She's missing it too. It's hard for her to comprehend that the house will be fixed and that it won't look like this forever. Plus a lot of the kitchen is currently stored in her room. This is very confusing. She doesn't want my kitchen in her room. I explained that it won't be there forever. We have to wait until the rest of the house is tiled, then the kitchen can go in. But this is hard to comprehend. Soon, soon it will be finished.
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