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Monday, December 1, 2014

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Lulu is really looking forward to Christmas this year as she hasn't seen her Nanna in a few months and she will see her at Christmas. To help her understand how many days it will be until she sees her Nanna (and to help the time go a little more quickly), I made her an advent calendar, counting down to the day when we take the plane to Sydney.
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Last year I made an activity based advent, but as we didn't always have the time to do the activity each day, so I thought that this year I'd make it a little easier and alternate an activity day with a special treat day. The treats include small things like new Frozen undies, two Peppa Pig figurines, bubble mix & of course a few vouchers for chocolates. I realised when I was storing the advent things that chocolate would not survive in the house with no aircon. Nick suggested using a voucher and keeping the chocolate in the fridge - I think it works out to only two chocolate days, which is great. The activities are much the same as last year, with things like 'Tonight you're going to the Daycare Christmas Party' thrown in as well.
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Needless to say Lulu loved the advent calendar. She was very happy to participate in this morning's activity - 'Decorate for Christmas'. Her eyes widened as I said that when there is only one package to open, that is the day that we get to see Nanna. To me it seemed like there was still a lot of packages/days to get through until then but she seemed content with the explanation. I guess until now 'you'll see Nanna at Christmas' has been a little too much of an abstract concept. The packages make the wait a little more real. By late this afternoon she was requesting to open another, but tomorrow will come soon enough.

Does your family have an advent calendar? When I was little we had the chocolate ones from the shops, I loved it!

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