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Friday, January 16, 2015

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Before Christmas I treated myself to a new pjs from the Goodnight Society. The Goodnight Society are a new Aussie Pj company, launched last year. The prints are quite funky and have cool names such as Hot like a Sunrise and That's Cactus. They use organic cotton and only manufacture using factories that care for their workers and pay a living wage and ensure that women are given equal pay for equal work. That's not all, they have also partnered with the Heartfelt Project and each sleepwear order comes with a Heartfelt heart. Heartfelt hearts are sewn using traditional methods in South Africa and each purchase goes to help feed and cloth the ladies who make them and their families. What a great idea, pjs and helping those in need.

The Good Night Society pjs are really comfy. I bought the Hot like Sunrise pj pants. The sunny colour brightens your morning and you just feel good wearing them. What more can I say? I recommend them to all.

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