A review of Dig

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GIRL IN THE PJS: A review of DIG
I think Dig may be the first archaeological televison thriller. correct me if I am wrong?! It is set in modern day Jerusalem and begins as a murder mystery as FBI agent Peter Connolly investigates the murder of archaeologist Emma Wilson. As the investigation progresses it evolves into something much bigger. An international conspiracy with  events occurring simultaneously at a compound in New Mexico and in a barn in Norway. 

Anne Heche plays Peter's boss, Lynn, Special Agent in Charge at the US Embassy & toward the end of the series it is encouraging to see her get out from behind her desk. Lauren Ambrose (previously on 6 feet under) plays Debbie, a cult member trying to escape. This is a fabulous role that just gets better episode by episode. Also great is the friendship that evolves between Peter and the local detective Golan Cohen. The other fabulous thing about Dig is the complex locations. Filmed originally in Jerusalem and then in various cities as the Gaza conflict flared up again last year, it shows just how western/US focused most shows we watch are. 

Dig is on SBS now, you can catch up on episodes on iTunes or Stan

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