Renovations: Lulu's Room Before and After

Thursday, July 16, 2015

GIRL IN THE PJS: Lulu's room before and after

The walls in Lulu's room were covered in cork - yep all three - making the room really dusty and to be honest, the cork gave the room a bit of a musty smell. To get to the room you had to go through the spare room, making the house essentially a two bedroom house.

The changes to this room included:
1. remove the cork from the walls
2. patch the old door
3. cut in new door
4. paint the room
5. new carpet

The cork we removed ourselves (see here) the rest we had professional help for. I'm not going to lie, removing the cork was hard work. We used metal scrapers and as the name suggests, we scrapped behind pieces that had already started to break off. This may have led to a few scrapped knuckles. Lulu pulled the pieces off lower to the ground and helped us fill the bin. We are so happy with how it turned out. The room has so much more light with the bright white walls and of course we had to keep one cork wall for Lulu's paintings.

GIRL IN THE PJS: Lulu's room before and after
The details
The carpet - Eco+ Natural Springs triextra twist
Lulu's bed - This little love
Bookshelf - Mocka
Lights - Exotiq Homewares
Quilt cover - Ikea
Pillow case - Castle and Things
Frozen pillow - Target
Pink Bin - Bunnings
 photo Lulus-room-3_zps96u02hr0.jpgGIRL IN THE PJS: Lulu's room before and afterGIRL IN THE PJS: Lulu's room before and after

Ps Lulu's Nursery Tour & Removing the cork walls

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