The Alice Springs Show 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

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A little known fact about life in the Territory is that we get the day off to go to the Show! I know, it's like being back in school in South Australia where your school would get the day off, but instead it's the whole town. Just one of those awesome things about life in the Northern Territory. 

Each year that we have gone to the Alice 
Springs Show with Lulu she has wanted to go on the giant slide, but has always been a little too small. This year Lulu was big enough to go on the giant slide, with a little help from Nick. Actually, Nick ended up helping a lot of kids - those stairs were quite slippery! From the big slide we went to the Emergency Services tent where Lulu showed great potential for becoming a volunteer emergency services worker. The petting zoo did not disappoint then onto side show alley. 

We went to the show with friends who have three children under five and somehow, moving 4 children around the show is not an easy feat. So we ended the day at the Cattlemen's Bar. A little known fact is that there is a playground at the Cattlemen's Bar and the kids can play in an enclosed space while you unwind. It's win win. Another great day at they show!
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